They Call Me The Mercenary #14

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Abolute Body Control Sat. Nite @ M/R/X

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Live @ M/R/X this Sat...Belgian Industrial pioneers:

The Simpleton's Guide to the Los Angeles Dodgers, part two

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They Call Me The Mercenary #13

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German musician Klaus Dinger, who played drums in the early days of Kraftwerk and went on to co-found Neu!, died recently of heart failure at age 61. As reported today by Billboard Magazine online, Dinger passed two weeks ago on March 21st, but the news was not widely publicized until Gronland, Neu!'s label, made the announcement today.

Drummer Dinger, along with guitarist Michael Rother, both played with Kraftwerk in the early seventies before splitting to form Neu!  who were considered to be a major influence on such later acts as Sonic Youth and Tortoise. The above video is of Neu! performing "Hero" live in 1974.
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