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Back in 1964 when the Beatles came to the US and Canada they caused hysteria among their fans, who included many girls and some of their grandmas. Subsequently, their boyfriends were often jealous and more in favor of Peter, Paul, & Mary, as is the case in this video clip at least, c/o Canada's CBC TV.

WTF? (Tegan and Sara Were Right)

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Exactly a week ago I was surfing this here Amoeba Music website and going back over all the clips in the recommended VIDEO GALLERY archive page when I found myself intently watching and listening to the ten minute interview (interspersed with some live in-store concert footage) at the Hollywood Amoeba Music with Tegan and Sara in which the Canadian sibling duo dropped some serious knowledge -- the sort of stuff that strikes a nerve and stays with you, because, in this case, it was so true and also because when I watched it last week it seemed to be so perfectly timely. The Tegan and Sara instorelindsey lohan performance and the interview backstage in the Amoeba Hollywood Green Room took place on July 24th -- the same day that Lindsay Lohan got arrested with the "news" event being splashed across all news media outlets. In the Amoeba interview (you can see above), the smart young sisters from that neighboring nation to the north rightly commented about how "profoundly irritating" the news media's treatment of this non-story was. "It's shocking how Hollywood obsessed America is," they noted, especially in light of the real issues of the day that genuinely affect American society, including money & poverty, environmental issues, racism, sexism, & homophobia, and of course the war in Iraq. 
I watched this interview last week, right when close to 5 million YouTube viewers were downloading and viewing Paris Hilton pouting on David Letterman and the same day that Britney Spears' kids being taken from her was the BIG news story. In the July Amoeba interview, Tegan and Sara made the strong point that it's easier to explain what Britney or Lindsay are up to than to explain the billions of dollars being wasted on an illegal war. So true. And it is the media, which goes along with the Bush administration's wishes, who is at fault for not showing the real images of war. In past US wars images of caskets with American flags draped over them were common sights in national news footage. But not now in this war, under this administration. And that is a key reason why Americans -- more than ever -- look to the silly antics of celebrities for distraction.

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jens lekman is out today!!!! 10/9/07...

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This is another album that I have been anticipating for so long this year. I just could barely hold in my excitement until today to talk about my little friend Jens Lekman. He has been creating brilliant little albums for a couple of years now. But I really think that this is the year of the Jens. The new album is called "Night Falls Over Kortedala." I can't stop listening to this album. It also seems that anyone who has already heard it is as obsessed with it as I am. Sometimes it is nice to have your little secret artists that not too many other people know about. But I have really been wanting the rest of the world to love Jens as much as I have the last couple of years.

I began my obsession with him when he put out "Rocky Dennis' Farewell Song to the Blind Girl." This is of course in reference to the brilliant film that is "Mask." Most people can't really handle the excellent makeup work that transformed Eric Stoltz. But I really do love this movie. Please go and watch it right now if you have never seen it. You can find the 3 Rocky Dennis songs on the EP collection album "Oh You're So Silent Jens" or the original "Rocky Dennis" EP. This new album is actually only his second real album. The first being "When I Said I Wanted to Be Your Dog."

Jens is a little bit Stephin Merritt and a little bit Sufjan Stevens. Sort of like an orchestrated indie rock lounge singer. I just read a review today that said his music was perfect for swingers parties. I really would not go that far. But I could imagine it being played live at maybe some piano bar in Portland or something. But with a full band and backup singers. The first song begins with music very similar to the theme of the Hellraiser movies.  However, I know he is sampling someone else on this song. But it really reminds me of the Christopher Young Score of Hellraiser. So it sort of puts me in a weird mood every time I start the album.  Jens is really a great songwriter and like Stephin Merritt or the great Paul Lynde, he has great delivery of his lines. The songs are actually fun little love songs with great lyrics like "I would never kiss anyone, who doesn't burn me like the sun." He is telling stories with his songs and albums but seems to be sort of making fun of himself while he is singing. Like he is telling us by his delivery that he really does not take himself as seriously as he seems to be. He is having fun with himself on these albums. He also sort of reminds me of Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy.
In that European indie rock showtunes kind of way.

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VTC 1108

(In which Job celebrates his favorite date.)

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Happy Walrus Day, Amoeblog readers!

Don’t believe the propaganda – December 25 is NOT the “most wonderful time of the year” – today is!

Walrus Day is celebrated all day, every year, on October 8. It’s fun, it’s easy, and no native tribes had to be persecuted in order to bring it about!

A little history: When I was a kid, October was my favorite month (autumn, Halloween, my birthday, the month my parents would visit me at the orphanage), eight was my favorite number (the implications of infinity, the balanced aesthetics of its shape, the date my parents were sued by the orphanage for conning them into admitting me), and walruses were my favorite animal (the Beatles song, their grace in the water and might on land, the animals that raised me after my parents left me with them on the ride away from the orphanage).

I took these three elements and created my very own holiday, and my friends and family have celebrated it ever since.

“But Job,” I hear you asking (I can hear you asking because I can hear your thoughts… even now as you read this… although it’s not that interesting because your thoughts right now are echoing this sentence you’re reading, so I’m basically listening to myself) “But Job,” you wonder, “How does one celebrate Walrus Day, and also, does this shirt make me look fat?”

Well, dear friend, celebrating Walrus Day is easy. Basically, it’s your excuse to do whatever it is that you’d like to do, but normally wouldn’t because you don’t have an excuse.

Common ways of celebrating are:

•    Calling in sick to work (does not apply to Amoeba Music employees)
•    Replacing healthy, well-balanced meals with your favorite dessert
•    Spending money you shouldn’t on bric-a-brac that you want
•    Taking yourself out to Amoeba Music and shopping outside the red-tag clearance section
•    Anything that pampers, that delights, that titillates ye

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