hysteron proteron: part two

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Here we are, once again with more examples of the fine artwork rendered on our used 7 inch record boxes. Some of these formerly plain/primitive, white cardboard boxes are on the Amoeba Hollywood floor available for your perusal; others are, for now, hidden away in what we call The 45 Room, a paradise for geeky record romantics everywhere who might whisper in hushed tones: “Ahh! Vinyl Shangri-la!” But to those not familiar with supernatural powers of the little record with the big hole, The 45 Room might as well be simply called "that used 7 inch pricing room." O' to be so misunderstood! That is the life record collectors must endure, or if you must: record geeks.

The question I’m often asked: “Hey, Whitmore, if the 45 room is actually a Shangri-la, a heaven on earth so to speak, is there an afterlife, like a 7 inch heaven? And if there is a 7 inch heaven, is there a 7 inch god?”

I always answer with a glint in my eye and a friendly, bemused smirk, “You know, I’m not sure, but I’d like to think there is one somewhere out there in the dark surrounded by platters and acetates.”

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this further examination of Amoeba’s own home grown outsider art. And just like there is always another used gem of a record coming on down the pike, there’s always some new artwork gunning its engine, ready to lay some rubber down in Amoeba Hollywood.

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Rapid Fire

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AIP Home Video 7017

siskel & ebert on the web

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I don't know about you, but I have been a big Siskel & Ebert fan since I can remember liking movies. I would try to watch their show every Sunday when I got a chance. Half the time they would review movies that I was not even allowed to go see. But it still caught my interest and I think helped to develop my obsession for the movies. I had not really been watching it that much over the last 10 years. But now with the great amazing invention of the DVR, I can watch it every week. Somebody has to really change the way that shows get ratings, now that so many people watch their shows on DVRs. I feel bad that nobody really knows the shows that I support by watching every week. But I guess most advertisers don't care if you are watching their shows on you DVR since you are most likely fast forwarding through their commercials that they pay so much money for you to watch.

I really always wanted to be a Nielsen Family. Unfortunately you can't volunteer to be one. They must pick you. It is a little weird that I have never met a Nielsen family. Has anybody you've know even know one. I kind of think the whole thing is a big scam. There is probably only like 2 Nielsen families with horrible taste that are deciding the fate of our favorite TV shows. I mean, how else would shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond" last 9 years. I have never met anyone who watched that show. Home Improvement lasted 8 seasons, yet My So-Called Life was canceled. Major Dad lasted 4 years and Twin Peaks only 2? Who are these Nielsen families?
This is what they have to say on the official website...

Q. "Why Have I never met a Nielsen Family"

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Gross. Jack White Has Another Kid.

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Ok, it's not really gross. I kid, I kid.
jack white karen elson scarlett
It's actually very sweet, of course.

Jack White has this wife named Karen Elson; Here's what she looks like, no joke:

karen elson

...and she had another baby on Tuesday, for all you Stripes fans playing along at home.

It's a boy and his name is Henry Lee.
How appropriate. Good for them, and all that.

They already have a baby girl named Scarlett Teresa. Awwwwww.....
You gotta love a guy who names his daughter after his own momma.

Here Comes the Bridezilla! Instead of Wedding Bells, I Hear The Imperial March....

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bridezillaThe word alone evokes so much these days.  I am sure you all know exactly what I am writing about.  They are really so common.  I have  myself recently experienced the morphing of a friend into a complete and utter Bridezilla.  It was not unexpected, but still, it was not pretty, that's all I can say.  Whomever came up with the term is a genius-- it's just so simple, so to-the-point...

I don't have cable but, perhaps (desperately trying to come up with any rational explanation for my behavior here) to have some form of commiseration about my off-the-charts coo coo friend/Bridezilla, I have been able to wrestle up DVDs of Season 1 of the We (network) reality show Bridezillas. 


I know, I know.  It's a sickness.  This is probably a new low for this blog.  But there is something about weddings and the emotional havoc they wreak that makes me love to watch the show! It's definitely good to be at a distance from the madness instead of having it in real life. I guess I should add though (deep breath, full disclosure), I am a closet  fan of TLC's A Wedding Story too.  There, now you know everything about me.  These shows are my true guilty pleasure.  No, I am not ashamed of the pleasure I derive from my Entertainment Tonight addiction-- I would shout about it from the rooftops; Something about enjoying wedding shows is much more uncomfortable to admit to myself.
wedding barbie bride
It's kind of weird that I like them at all: I swear I am not one of those gals whose parents dressed her in a tiara and told her she was a princess. I have no idea if I will ever get married and, if I do, what my dress will look like or anything like that.  I suppose I should be plumbing the depths of my soul to figure out why the hell I care about wedding shows, but honestly, I just don't have the energy for that. 

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