Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music

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Last night I watched some of the Johnny Cash Show DVDs, which just came out and from what I saw are completely fantastic! My favorite performance is by Mr. Ray Charles. He adds some soul to "Ring of Fire" and it's fantastic. Check it out here:

Isn't that amazing? I just wish people were still making TV talk shows as daring and intelligent as Johnny Cash's. At least we have the DVDs now to remind us how things were. Hopefully sometime very soon when I have watched the whole offering, I will have a more thorough review of The Johnny Cash Show!  I couldn't resist putting Ray up now though.

Tools of the Trade

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There are many reasons to add a sticker to the front of your release...Maybe the designer left out some minor detail (like the Band or Artist name)...Maybe there's an unexpected hit...other times repackaging a previous release requires an announcement of the enticing goodies that have been added to boost sales...the list goes onandonandon...Here's a collection of well done promotional stickers...

   Novelty design tie in for Ms. Ward's big hit    

   Moon Chart and Moog...perfect 70's pitch points

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Last night (10/19) I went to check out Z-Trip, who sold out Studio B in Brooklyn during busy CMJ week, and the DJ totally rocked it. As at his San Francisco concert a couple of months back at the Independent, he again broke out the full drum kit and between DJ'ing played some mean drums. In the true Z-Trip tradition, his set was as much (if not more) classic rock than hip-hop and included his ever popular rendition of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" remix (included on the recent All Pro Soundtrack on Decon).

But the classic rock track Z-Trip dug up and remixed live for the energetic twenty-something crowd that got everyone going the most crazy was Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Everyone was going audibly wild to the point that it was like he was breaking out the hottest new record of the moment -- amazing, considering the Freddie Mercury-penned song was released (on the 1975 album A Night At The Opera) before most in the house were even born. Of course, the song never really went away -- it has constantly popped up in pop culture, including back in the 90's in Wayne's World and on jukeboxes and radio stations to this day. 

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is a truly brilliant piece of music: one that can transcend time and genres and always remain fresh sounding -- even if it is the Manualist doing his (fart sounding) microphone rigged sweaty-hand version (below, along with Waynes World, plus an a capella rendition by the UC Men's Octet.): 

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Sony K0631

Will Oldham: One Man, Many Names

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will oldham bonnie prince billy

Someone's been very kind to me today:  I received a package in the mail chock full of Bonnie Prince Billy bootlegs and singles!  Very exciting day, and how perfect is it that it's drizzling and grey out?  It's ideal for BPB listening, at least to me for whatever reason.

That's not to say his music is depressing though.  It can be dark, but for the most part for me it's actually uplifting and really almost unbeatable.  It's got a loose feel to it, a risky feeling.  Feels like everything's on the brink of falling apart, but it never does.  Fantastic.

matt sweeney will oldham esalen bonnie prince billy superwolf In case you are unaware, Bonnie Prince Billy goes under many names, so his albums can be difficult to find and collect.  Some of these names/projects include: Palace, Palace Brothers, Palace Songs, Bonnie Billy, and Will Oldham (his real name).  He also collaborates often with others, like Amalgamated Sons of Rest, Matt Sweeney (that's Matt in the pics on the left and below), David Pajo and, more recently, Tortoise.  Oh yeah and he just contributed vocals to a record by Scout Niblett as well!  You can see how it's tough to keep up with the guy.  Oh yeah, and some of his best songs can be found on out of print 45s.

These bootlegs I just got are from the I See A Darkness and Ease Down The Road period.  I LOVE Isuperwolf bonnie prince billy matt sweeney will oldham See A Darkness, and Ease Down the Road is a solid record for him.  He's put out so many, you see!  His output can be fairly staggering to the uninitiated.  I'll try to break down a few of my favorites at the end of the post.

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