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In case you haven't already clicked on the link on Amoeba's homepage to the fourth annual World Music Weekend Festival happening over the next couple of days in Berkeley, here's the dealio. It's a really cool unique weekend (June 2 & 3) global music festival that runs from noon til 9PM both days and features a rich wide range of artists playing music from all corners of the earth. And best of all, it's FREE! In all there will be 28 acts performing such diverse genres as Cajun and Zydeco, North African, Middle Eastern, 1930's Tex Mex, and Balkan. The performances will happen on street corners, in cafes, and in People's Park, where Amoeba Music will present a concert with performances from the Congolese dance music ensemble Samba Ngo, plus Yasir Chadly, Bouchaib Abdelhabi, and Stephen Kent, who melds Moroccan traditions with didjeridu, and the always wonderful Brass Menazeri, whose specialty is brass music from both Serbia and the Greek/Macedonia region, all delivered via their unique instrumentation: trumpets, clarinets, trombone, and tuba.

For an exact lineup of artists performing and for full details click here, or simply, when you get to the event, pick up a printed free festival schedule at the information booth on Telegraph & Haste near Amoeba.

The Toxic Avenger

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Lightning Video LA9946


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Has everyone already seen this ? Make sure you make it past the 2 min mark... that's when everything really kicks in !

2008 can't come soon enough !


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VCI #6237


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r kelly
Amoeblogger Brad Schelden was absolutely right Memorial Day when he predicted that R. Kelly's new album would likely be a hot seller at Amoeba Music upon its release the following day. Go back and check it if you missed this informative AMOEBLOG, which gave a really good history of the ever-popular & controversial R&B star plus a link to his video "Careful" with Sparkle. Equally, if not much more so to some, entertaining is the Dave Chappelle video "R.Kelly: I'm Gonna P*** On You" included on the about to be released DVD The Best of Chappelle's Show (Uncensored): Top 25 Sketches (Comedy Central/Paramount). Available in stores on Tuesday, June 5th, the other 24 sketches include (among others) the sidesplittingly funny 'A Night With Wayne Brady' and 'The Ni**ar Family' sketches, plus the played-to-death so that it's well-past-expiration-date funny  'Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories: Rick James." While I want to own this new DVD, truth is that I have already seen all of these skits a zillion times so right now I prefer to go back and re-watch that surprsingly engaging, revealing James Lipton interview with Chappelle on Bravo's Inside the Actor's Studio.

One of the best videos to surface in the past week or so online is the fun, fast-paced video mashup "Shatner Woo Remix" -- posted by YouTube user "smudgeorama," who took a recent Conan O'Brian interview segment with William Shatner and chopped up and mixed interview portions with clips from a video of renaissance man Shatner driving a car at 160 MPH and remixed it with a cool electronic track into a mind-dazzling 2 and quarter minute video.

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