Oscar Look Book...So I'm an Oscar Whore, So What?

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As we all know, the Oscars are really about the fashion--  because, as my dear floor manaoscarger Don Ford always says, "It's about the pageantry."  Oh, yes. 

Please, just this once, allow me to be utterly self indulgent and....Let's look at some of my favorites from the red carpet!

Best Accessory:

amy adams oscars

To Amy Adams for her see-through birdy bag.  This bag is aaaaaamazing-- that's an arched winged flying bird on the top!  I saw her admit to Ryan Seacrest on E! that it holds ... nothing!  It's made of gold mesh and essentially is just there to look good.  (On the dress side of things, props to Miss Amy for wearing Proenza Schouler as well!  Lovely color on a redhead.)

Best Accessory Part 2:

johnny depp vanessa paradis oscars

To Vanessa Paradis.  She's got the ultimate arm candy.

Worst Accessory:

diablo cody juno oscars

To Diablo Cody for her exposed ink. I know this may make me unpopular, but as anyone who knows me knows, I firmly believe that tattoos (and chewing gum) have NO place on the red carpet on such a night as the Oscars.   I mean, I know she was a stripper and all, but the Oscars are all about glamour, people.  And leopard print, that's a whooooole other story.  Call me old fashioned.  Whatever. I can take it.

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Haunted by the Brutal Splendor of old 45's, #3

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The truth - it’s my raw nerves - very, very caffeinated raw nerves eating away at the lining of my stomach. Goddamn! I’ve been, still am, crawling up walls and across ceilings. A few triple espressos and shazzam! I am the Fly! Caffeine has ripped a hole through my brain, certainly through my gut and, holy java juice batman, my sharpened senses wield machetes; heightened Terror Alert Level – “blood dripping magenta!” CRACK! Jesus H, what is that noise! My tinnitus is screaming like hordes of car alarms pinging in a Brentwood parking lot after an earthquake. I can hear all things in heaven and on earth and in hell, simultaneously. For Christ’s sake, I think my neighbor is playing a Ricky Martin CD! Whatever fell upon me has made my blood run thin. How, then, am I not expected to go mad? I have made up my mind to rifle through the recycling bin for that buried bottle of codeine-fortified cough syrup -- hideously expired or not … something, anything. The telltale pot of coffee brews stronger and stronger! And I can’t resist pouring another cup!
Anyway, for the time being, just relax at your desk with your own Cup o’Joe and take a look at some more 45 company sleeves from around the world.

They Call Me The Mercenary #11

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Return Of The Record: Vinyl Sales On The Increase

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CD sales are down but record sales are up. Vinyl, long written off by the industry as obsolete, has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts over the last several years, with vinyl sales on the increase, steadily building in momentum over the past few years. In 2007 there was an estimated 15% increase in sales of new records just from the year before.

And it's not just DJs who are buying records these days. Nor is it just fans of hip-hop/rap and electronic/dance music -- the two genres most associated with vinyl -- but fans of other types of music, including different sub-genres of rock and experimental, among other genres. Additionally a lot of music fans, especially young fans who are tired of MP3s, are discovering the superior warmer analog audio quality of vinyl pressings -- be it on a 7" single or full-length 12" album.

In some cases artists or labels are pressing up vinyl-only releases, often as a way to beat the current rampant free-downloading of MP3 files. But even with a lot of vinyl releases, the record label includes free MP3s such with the new Cornelius vinyl copy of his Gum 12" EP on Everloving/Warner which comes with a printed card in its jacket containing information on the link to MP3 versions of the same songs on the vinyl just purchased.

"A lot of people appreciate the whole aesthetic of vinyl. There is something permanent about the LP format that they really like.  With MP3's, even with CDs, there is a disposability with the format," offered Chris Curtis of Hollywood Amoeba Music, where he is a vinyl point person between the floor and warehouse -- overseeing many smaller genres but getting a good overall grasp of the state of vinyl in 2008 with music fans. "To kids that were born after 1990, the LP was dead," said Chris, "but you see a lot of kids coming in to buy vinyl. I think there is a certain coolness connected with it."

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