Because Four Times Was Enough - Why I Probably Won't See The Darjeeling Limited

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darjeeling limited
I just read two critical essays on Wes Anderson’s new movie The Darjeeling Limited. I won’t bore you with a synopsis of the essays. You can check them out by clicking here and here.

Wes Anderson movies have been a guilty pleasure of mine. Not a lot of heads in the barrio get his humor. His movies remind me of having a privileged upper class white friend who is insightful and fun to hang around with one on one. But once you are around his friends, he acts differently and treats you as more of a token ‘ethnic” friend then a human being. Any person of color who has these friends knows what I’m talking about. I don't feel like I'm looking way too into this... something in Wes Anderson movies always made me feel a little uneasy and I think both these critics unveiled what I always felt but never could express.

I'll defend Wes Anderson just a bit, to be fair. In the movie The Royal Tenenbaums, one of the only characters with any dignity is the character Henry Sherman, played by Danny Glover. In the movie, Henry has depth. He is a good man, smart, supportive and decent. He is a friend and financial adviser to Etheline Tenebaum, the family’s matriarch, who has kept the family together throughout the years despite the family's many pitfalls. Both Henry and Etheline fall in love with each other and their love comes from their friendship. There is no fetishism or tokenism involved, just two old friends who fell in love.

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Terminal Entry

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Celebrity Video 4014

52 Pick-Up

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Media Home Entertainment M892

Welcome to my world

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Greetings from Vinylandia...

Mr. Chadwick here with a new blogspot chronicling  finds and fascinations that lie just beyond the above pictured door. Uncovering those hidden treats that flow through the vast sea of vinyl platitudes that Amoeba Hollywood attracts, as well as many of my own personal treasures.  As things progress I hope to bring you more in-depth histories of the odd and curious private press and small label houses that the City of Angels has produced, but for now we'll start with some simple entertainment... found artwork.... Specifically artwork that was spontaneously created under the "influence" of the very object within which the said art piece was unearthed...

First up a nice trio of interpretations of very famous photos of a very famous UK pop group...

Here we have a very inspired George and Paul, outlined from a white album photo...


By far the most effective of the trio, a very different Ringo than we are used to... John got lost somewhere along the line...or maybe his being left out was some sort of message from the artist...

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Hot Sexx Tonight! @ Cafe Du Nord, That Is

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Tonight some of my nearest and dearest will be rocking the Cafe Du Nord! Check it out:
sexx nero nava and the invitation to love barbarasteele

The show starts at 9. And yes, that flyer does say "Formal Attire Preferred." Check out the myspace page for Sexx. Hope to see all of you there!
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