Record Store Day Round Up!

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This past Saturday was that special holiday -- Record Store Day.  Amoebites at both the San Francisco and Hollywood stores turned in full reports, so read on to check them out!  SF is up first, then Hollywood:

To celebrate the m
omentous occasion of Record Store Day here at the San Francisco Amoeba, we had DJs all day, super stuffed swag bags to give to customers, extra special day-only limited edition 10" and 7" from artists like Steve Malkmus and Vampire Weekend, and we also had Mr. Alternative Tentacles, Jello Biafra, sitting at our Information Counter.

The day started off with a bang, with customers flocking to the limited vinyl-only product that artists had created just for Record Store Day.  We quickly sold out of the Steve Malkmus and the Jicks, Built To Spill, Death Cab For Cutie and REM limited edition 7"s.  Other popular items included the Vampire Weekend, Breeders and Teenagers 7"s. 

At 1pm the DJ sets kicked off with  DJ Vinnie Esparza, who brought the party jams.  Balloons and even more crowds soon followed.

The most exciting part of the day though, was when Jello Biafra stopped by to man our Info Counter.  The visit quickly turned into a hero-worshipping signing line, and Jello was kind enough to stick around to accomodate each and every fan who came to see him, signing their records and taking photos with them.  Apparently he recommended a lot of Prog rock, like Magma! He also recommended Triclops to a lot of people.  Triclops is playing an instore here at Amoeba SF on April 25-- this Friday! Superfan and Record Store Day DJ V. Vale even scored a mini interview with Jello!  To see his review of his experience and the day, go here.  For larger versions of the pictures you see here plus more, go here.

Triclops! Out of Africa

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Including members from The Fleshies, Lower Forty-Eight, BottIes & Skulls and Victim's Family, Triclops! has released its first full-length album on Alternative Tentacles, entitled Out of Africa.  I thought there might be some implicit comment on Isaak Dinesen's classic novel, but after listening I can't be quite sure.  If the reference is there, it's layered in the pound for pound sonic boom and San Francisco punk infusion that makes up their compositional prog/metal-ish sound.  Described as "Jane's Addiction jamming with Primus," it is a sound you must hear to believe.

You can hear Triclops! tonight at their free instore at Amoeba San Francisco!  Click here for details.

Anyway, back to the record: at first listen you might not notice the intricacies of sound; spanning from volatile to formal to dynamic explorations, Triclops! offer you a cross section of ever-sprawling musical genres such as Experimental, Metal, Punk and modern Prog.  When it's all said and done, Triclops! make you feel like a party to whatever is happening on the Dali meets Disney cover painting by Lee Harvey Roswell

Today's Holidays -- and appropriate DVDs to celebrate/honor them with

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ANZAC Day - Australia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Samoa

Armed Forces Day - North Korea

Children's Day - Iceland

Flag Day - The Faroe Islands, Swaziland

Red Hat Society Day - Red Hatters

Freedom Day - Portugal

Robigalia - Rome


Liberation of Nazism - Italy


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A quick glance at this week's Hip-Hop Top Five charts (all below) from the Berkeley, San Francisco, & Hollywood Amoeba Music locations (thanks respectively to Tunde, Luis, & Marques Newson) further proves what I've been feeling all along this year: that hip-hop is in one of the most exciting and healthiest states that it's been in for a minute. To my ears, nearly every new hip-hop full-length release dropping these days is quality shit. Sure, there's a few lemons here and there, but mostly new 2008 hip-hop is more likely to be on hit than sound like shit.

Another glance at these new rap charts also reveals that hip-hop has arrived at perhaps its most richly diverse stage in its 30 plus years.  It's as if in 2008 hip-hop has all grown up, multiplied, and gone forth and conquered the world (of music) with a wide range of sounds all qualifying as hip-hop today.  From the stripped down, style of Minneapolis' Atmosphere, to the bouncy hip-hop of the Bay Area's Lyrics Born (pictured above) with its funk foundation, to the trippy sounding Danger Mouse-produced new Gnarls Barkley, to the straight-up hard turntable hip-hop beats and cuts of DJ Quest, to the twisted soulful, ten-track, mostly instrumental,  grooves of the new one from the late J-Dilla -- a hell of a lot of musical territory is being covered under the hip-hop umbrella of '08.


April 24, 2008

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