Project: Shadowchaser

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Project Shadowchaser sci-fi action movie vhs  Project Shadowchaser prism entertainment videocassette

Project Shadowchaser plot synopsis

Prism Entertainment 8851

The TRON Aesthetic: The Atari Age of German Expressionism

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The magnificent scenes of heroism, transcendence and man dominating his surroundings should please the most masculinist among us, including Ayn Rand and Leni Riefenstahl:

Jeff Bridges Flynn Tron
Bruce Boxleitner Tron
Jeff Bridges Flynn Clu Tron
Bruce Boxleitner Tron
Tron battle Jeff Bridges Clu

The close-ups all have that overly melodramatic silent-era quality to them. Note the way Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has Valentino eyes and Sark (David Warner) looks like a Conrad Veidt villain:

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The Broadway Beat, IHOMI and Other Downtown Ghosts

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Santo's liquor grand central market

Last month I found myself with quite a bit of free time, roaming Downtown L.A. during extended breaks. I was stuck on a jury and the trial was being held up for many reasons. Anyhow, I finally got truly familiar with Broadway. Ross Cutlery, the Bradbury Building, Clifton's Cafeteria, Angels Flight, La Cita, and the Grand Central Market--  all places I had been to before, but now I was finally steeping in them. The Los Angeles, Orpheum, Million Dollar, State, UA and Palace Theaters. Even with all the razing going on downtown, Broadway is still a time warp.

carlos y jose mananitas a mi madre lp covercorridos y racheras con carlos y jose lp cover

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Above is a video preview of the new Guitar Hero World Tour and its Battle of the Bands mode, which allows eight players to join online and challenge each other band-to-band to determine who is the best player. In the band modes, up to four players can jam together, online or off, as they progress through the game, and in single-player career-mode, players can jam on any of the instruments in branching venue progression, enabling them to rock out in the order of their choice. And as you know tomorrow is the official release date of this new Guitar Hero World Tour game and Amoeba is previewing it at Blake's in Berkeley tonight (Sat) with a Midnight Sale and Preview Party for the new game with three areas (Wii, PS3, and Xbox360) set up for demoing the game. More details here.  

You can check out some previews of the new Guitar Hero on the GamerTrailers website or in Popular Mechanics magazine, which pits Guitar Hero World Tour up against Rock Band 2 and Rock Revolution in a preview from E3 2008 (with video). Meanwhile, today's Los Angeles Times takes a more sobering look at the game in a story less about its technical aspects but instead focusing on the implications of its success in relation to the state of the economy, stating that, "wildly popular Guitar Hero video game could become a test of the game industry's ability to weather the broader economic storm."

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Joseph Childress Chats

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Joseph Childress is a drifter-- the kind of artist I had heard about months before actually meeting and seeing him perform, because he had been hitchhiking and rambling around the country. His reputation preceded him, and it was rumored that he was coming to live here in San Francisco; and indeed he has, becoming a solid part of the SF scene within the 2-ish years he has been here in our fair city. His voice is strong, burbling like a stream, and it's one of his greatest assets; and then there are the songs -- melodic stories about landscapes, both inner and outer. Though he has settled down for a while, he is still one to keep an eye on: Joseph will release a highly anticipated first album in the near future. Here, he chats about working on cattle ranches, seasons changing and his upcoming record.

joseph childress recording in portland

Miss Ess: So, what have you been listening to these days?

Joseph Childress: Well, besides the obvious classics, I have been digging almost everything I've grabbed from Sublime Frequencies and Mississippi Records. Also, Lucky Dragons, White Rainbow, the Yaala Yaala label, Los Increibles, Melodii Tuvi, and the George Mitchell field recordings, mostly country and world stuff. 

ME: What inspires you to write songs? Do you write the lyrics or the music first?

JC: With the exception of maybe three songs, I write the music first. I let the melody tell me the story. I willjoseph childress usually get an image if the part is doing its job. As for inspiration, a whole lot of things inspire me, from nature and women to politics. The weather plays a huge role, also seasonal change. When the air starts to change I get an overwhelming feeling to write.

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