Amoeba and Moheak's Song of the Week: Sigur Ros' 'Brennisteinn'

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moheakAmoeba has entered into a partnership with L.A.’s Moheak Radio to provide the Amoeba Song of the Week every week for a recorded segment to air on Moheak’s online radio station.

This week it's "Brennisteinn," the stunning opener to SIgur Ros' new album, Kveikur. The song presents a re-energized Sigur Ros, as the song explodes with a off-kilter drum beat and distorted noise right out of the gate. Frontman Jonsi sings as expressively as he ever has, singing melodically through the verses and cooing with his otherworldy vulnerability through the song's more atmospheric second half. Throughout, Jonsi's bowed guitars moan in the background while bassist Georg Holm and drummer Orri Pall Dyrason keep the rhythm section huge, ebbing and flowing in and out of the song as needed for maximum emotional impact.

sigur rosA bit about Amoeba’s Song of the Week: Every week we’ll provide a song hand-selected by our own staff to Moheak Radio for a recorded segment that will run four times a day (at around 8 a.m., 1 p.m., 5:45 p.m. and once overnight). Besides hearing what our expert staff is into, you’ll get the chance to win prizes from Amoeba Music. The giveaways will happen once a week with announcements at least once every four hours leading up to the giveaway, which will take place on Moheak’s Facebook page. Check it out, support local/online radio and win some prizes along the way.

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Amoeba Presents Dr. John at the Hollywood Bowl

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dr. john
Dr. John

Amoeba Music is proud to present New Orleans music legend Dr. John at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday, July 31. He’ll be paying homage to another legend, Louis Armstrong, in this show dubbed “Props to Pops: Dr. John’s Tribute to Louis Armstrong.”

At this show Dr. John will be joined by guest trumpeters, singers and other musicians, including The Blind Boys of Alabama, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Telmary Diaz, Anthony Hamilton, Terry Blanchard, Nicholas Payton, Arturo Sandoval, Marcus Belgrave and Wendel Brunious. Expect Armstrong’s well-loved works like “Mack the Knife” and “Wonderful World” to be given the grimy swamp-blues treatment. Buy tickets here.

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Weekly Roundup: Weekend, White Dove, Bleached, Medicine

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Weekend – “It’s Alright”

weekend bandIt’s better than alright, it’s downright RADICAL. Bay Areans-in-Brooklyn Weekend have unveiled another new track from their upcoming album, Jinx, which is due July 23 on Slumberland. Starting with an industrial beat, the song moves into a laid-back groove and dishes out the sort of heavily effected guitars and heavenly, ethereal vocals this band has become known for. It’s been a few years since their debut LP, Sports, was released, and it sounds like the band has progressed quite a bit in that time. In fact we know that’s true, given 2011’s excellent Red EP. Shoegaze fans, get ready to get Jinxed.


White Dove – “Sister”

white doveWhite Dove are a breath of fresh air for the L.A. music scene, producing lo-fi pop with hints of Low, Lower Dens and Cat Power. It’s rare to hear something this delicate and with such depth touted as a single from a cool new band (well, they were called Monster before) in a time when even the smallest bands seem to be jamming synths and dance beats into their sound, if they’re not going full garage. Such a nice, sweet surprise, with a sort of wavering trill to Alex Johnstone’s vocals that hint at deeper darkness. The Host, The Candle is due July 16 on RSRCH.

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Album Picks: Smith Westerns, The Three O'Clock, Bass Drum of Death

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Smith Westerns - Soft Will

smith westerns soft willCD $12.98

LP $18.98

Chicago’s Smith Westerns buck the sophomore slump trend with a second album that’s cleaner and more streamlined than their first, with the same irrepressible energy and dedication to hookiness. While Dye It Blonde felt like garage rock touched by classic pop impulses, they indulge their pop sensibilities full-force on songs like opener “3am Spiritual,” which true to its name feels like impossible orchestral pop half-remembered from a dream, with George Harrison-style solos and a hymnal chorus. Smith Westerns are also great at crafting modest guitar pop — “Idol” finds the band trading in gleaming melodic rock, full of effected guitars and soft harmonies, while “Glossed” is sprightly and sweet, channeling early R.E.M.-style jangle. But the band also can’t help going big. Instrumental “XXIII” is a slow-burning epic of Dark Side of the Moon proportions. “Fool Proof” has dizzying layers of guitar, piano and vocal melody. Even a lovely ballad like “Varsity” has grand ambition tucked away in its shy-seeming veneer. That passion makes poring through Soft Will a thorough pleasure.

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Amoeba Presents The Green Children

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Amoeba Music is proud to present Norwegian pop band The Green Children in concert at The Roxy July 20. Tickets are available now at Amoeba Hollywood for $12 (plus a $2 service fee) with all proceeds benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica.

the green children connectionThe Roxy show is a release party for their new album, Connection, coming out on July 23. The CD will be available exclusively at Amoeba Hollywood, but you can pre-order signed copies of the album now on 

The Norwegian duo of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan met at university and have been making haunting, ethereal electronic dance music since. Since the beginning, they’ve had a history of charity work — their first single, “Hear Me Now,” was released as a charity single in the United Kingdom and Norway and raised more than $500,000 to help Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus open a hospital in rural Bangladesh. The proceeds from their first record, Encounter, benefitted the Whole Planet Foundation, and they continue to support global (and local) causes with their live shows and releases.

Watch the new video for “Posessed” below.

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