Amoeba Presents The Green Children

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Amoeba Music is proud to present Norwegian pop band The Green Children in concert at The Roxy July 20. Tickets are available now at Amoeba Hollywood for $12 (plus a $2 service fee) with all proceeds benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica.

the green children connectionThe Roxy show is a release party for their new album, Connection, coming out on July 23. The CD will be available exclusively at Amoeba Hollywood, but you can pre-order signed copies of the album now on 

The Norwegian duo of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan met at university and have been making haunting, ethereal electronic dance music since. Since the beginning, they’ve had a history of charity work — their first single, “Hear Me Now,” was released as a charity single in the United Kingdom and Norway and raised more than $500,000 to help Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus open a hospital in rural Bangladesh. The proceeds from their first record, Encounter, benefitted the Whole Planet Foundation, and they continue to support global (and local) causes with their live shows and releases.

Watch the new video for “Posessed” below.

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Amoeba and Moheak's Song of the Week: Queens of the Stone Age's 'My God is the Sun'

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moheakAmoeba has entered into a partnership with L.A.’s Moheak Radio to provide the Amoeba Song of the Week every week for a recorded segment to air on Moheak’s online radio station.

This week it’s Queens of the Stone Age’s "My God is the Sun," from the band's sixth album (and first in six years), ...Like Clockwork (available on CD, LP and LP with alternate cover). The song features the band's trademark heavy, intricate riffery and hard-hitting drums, courtesy of Dave Grohl, who makes a welcome return here after famously appearing on the band's landmark Songs for the Deaf album. After a long absence from the band, "My God is the Sun" is that slab of volcanic rock 'n' roll that fans have been craving. Watch the completely insane video for the song below.

queens of the stone age like clockworkA bit about Amoeba’s Song of the Week: Every week we’ll provide a song hand-selected by our own staff to Moheak Radio for a recorded segment that will run four times a day (at around 8 a.m., 1 p.m., 5:45 p.m. and once overnight). Besides hearing what our expert staff is into, you’ll get the chance to win prizes from Amoeba Music. The giveaways will happen once a week with announcements at least once every four hours leading up to the giveaway, which will take place on Moheak’s Facebook page. Check it out, support local/online radio and win some prizes along the way.

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Show Recap: Lust for Youth and Pharmakon at The Complex

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Holy shit, I love this place. Besides that it’s in Glendale, which is weird and cool, it smells like a gay bar (deodorant free) and it’s basically one room with a bar and that’s it. It’s like a really nice warehouse, and that’s awesome. The Complex was just opened last year by John Giovanazzi, who also does industrial/goth night Das Bunker at Jewel’s Catch One. His new venue has a lot of that same vibe, minimally decorated and with great sound.

body of light
Body of Light

The first band I saw was called Body of Light. They were a two-piece; one guy played moody synth chords and triggered primal drum machine beats while the other sang. I was really struck by the singer’s charisma. Besides being very handsome, he really owned the stage, clutching the microphone intensely and raising his tattooed arms up like he was laying back in a hammock. A couple of their songs were really catchy — one saw the singer delivering a repeating vocal with no less passion each time, over a stately four-chord part; another had a three-note bassy riff driving the song, while the keyboardist piled sound above and the singer held out long intoned notes and kneeled before the audience, raising the mic skyward. This was some real rock star stuff. The singer even came into the crowd and sang into my boyfriend’s face.

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Weekly Roundup: Scraper, Whirr, Youth Code

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Scraper – “Alien Eyes”

ScraperDrag City imprint God?, which has thus far released an album by Trin Tran and a White Fence reissue, will next release an EP by San Francisco lo-fi punk band Scraper. Recorded by Ty Segall and Eric Bauer, it's full of fuzz and great non-sequiturs like "when you're naked, there's nothing to do." Check out Scraper's 7" EP July 16.


Whirr - "Swoon"

whirrBay Area band Whirr released a great shoegaze album last year called Pipe Dreams. Now they've got a new one coming out called Around, and we have the first song, titled "Swoon." It's an aptly named bit of smashing shoegaze noise, with pulverizing guitars opening things up for a pretty and cavernous tune full of melodic riffs and rumbling drums. Fans of Ride, Slowdive, Chapterhouse and My Bloody Valentine, line up here. Around is due July 9 on Graveface.

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Album Picks: Kanye West, Sigur Ros, Primal Scream, Austra, Spectrals, The Mantles

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Kanye West - Yeezus

kanye west yeezus coverCD $12.98

Much as 808s & Heartbreak was a reaction to personal drama that led to a cold, mechanical album unlike anything he had previously produced, Yeezus seems to be a response to everything Kanye West has previously recorded — and to hip-hop, and popular music, in general. In short, it sounds like nothing else around, a fusion of harsh industrial production and some of West’s most aggressive lyrics to date. We had already heard the controversy-baiting “Black Skinhead,” its Nine Inch Nails-style beat giving a tribal flow to an otherwise entirely antagonistic first single. The rest of Yeezus follows suit; West as his collaborators keep you guessing what’ll happen next throughout. Listening to opener “On Sight” feels like staring into a glaring light, its synths overdriven to a digital roar, as West claims he doesn’t give a fuck, before West and producers Daft Punk drop an R&B sample that sounds like it was recorded from another room. “New Slaves” takes bling-obsessed hip-hop to task, along with private prisons and implied white privilge, ending with a gorgeous, lo-fi outro sung by Frank Ocean — it’s way too much for one song to handle, yet it’s thrilling to hear the song teeter back and forth. Ven the tracks here that don’t sound particularly interesting at their outset, like the slow-to-start “Hold My Liquor,” eventually do something that make your head spin — in the case of this song, it’s the way those sirens and West’s cadence bounce off the bubbling, ethereal synthesizers beneath. The greatest faults in Yeezus lie in West’s lyrics — heightened braggadocio and claims of manhood are nothing new to hip-hop, which is exactly the problem with some of the more repetitive lyrics about his sexual conquests, compared with their riveting delivery and the production surrounding them; furthermore, “Blood on the Leaves” questionably cops anti-racism classic “Strange Fruit” for a track that doesn’t amount to much lyrically. Yet even beyond these issues, Yeezus is so thoroughly exciting that complaints largely fall by the wayside — in fact, West’s free-for-all attitude to making music here is what fuels that burning feeling in the pit of your stomach when Yeezus is on. Even as the spectacular My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy stretched the limits of modern hip-hop, Yeezus doesn’t sound tethered to any particular time or genre, nor does it sound particularly concerned with radio airplay — even the Rick Rubin-produced “I Am a God,” one of the closest tracks here to straight-up hip-hop, seethes frustration and anger, dissolving into a series of screams and Twin Peaks-style synth strings, with nary a catchy sample or synth riff to rope in the average listener. For someone who receives (and invites) endless flack for things that have little to do with his actual music, Kanye West continues to be the most provocative and exciting artist in modern pop music with the imperfect yet undeniably brilliant Yeezus.

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