Amoeba Berkeley's 2010 Amoebapalooza

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by Evan Litwack
images by Ryan Stark

Last Sunday, the staff of Amoeba Music Berkeley was brought together for their annual Amoebapalooza holiday party, which combined the talented musicianship of many of Amoeba Berkeley’s key figures with some good-old fashioned celebrating. The concert party was hosted at the Stork Club in Oakland, which provided the perfect intimate atmosphere and stage setting for Amoeba’s diverse personalities to perform and interact in. Amoebites of all age groups and walks of life were in attendance with friends, including past employees and long time fans, and every room of the Stork Club was buzzing with the energy and enthusiasm of a hundred hardcore music heads in unison. Excitement lingered in the air as weeks of waiting to see colleagues and friends show their true musical colors built itself to a head. Thankfully, none of the bands disappointed.

Maestro's Choice

People were still arriving and buzzing amongst themselves when the evening’s first band, Maestro’s Choice, set their equipment on stage and started the night off on a moody, downtempo note. Michael Henning worked the percussion and looping while Kai Keya complimented his arrangements on flute. There was some curiosity in the crowd surrounding Kai Keya, who hadn’t performed in public for years, and folks were impressed by his playing and by the chemistry between the two musicians. Those who know Michael’s band The Why Because would have been certain to appreciate this set. 

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Om @ The Independent in SF 12.16

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Top Ten of 2010 by Erin

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joanna newsom have one on me

1. Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me
The Wire said that this album is like an overturned jewelry box, and I would agree. So deeply felt, everything else seems shallow. See her live.

glasser ring

2. Glasser - Ring
My favorite newcomer. Innovative electronics meet radio-friendly R&B. And there's something else I can't quite put my finger on...

zola jesus stridulum zola jesus valusia

3. Zola Jesus - Stridulum & Valusia EPs 
A pretty epic talent, considering she's only 21. She must be an old soul.

girls broken dreams club

4. Girls - Broken Dreams Club EP 
More 80s jangly than their debut, but always as heartbreaking.

orange juice coals to newcastle

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Sir Arne's Treasure Scored Live by John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats

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mountain goats sir arne's treasure

The San Francisco Film Society presents Mauritz Stiller's 1919 silent film classic Sir Arne's Treasure with live musical accompaniment by indie rock icon John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats. You won't want to miss Stiller's haunting tale of murder, betrayal, and divine redemption alongside Darnielle's world premiere of the score. Join us at the Castro Theatre on Tuesday, December 14 at 8:00pm. More info here.

Noise Pop 2011

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