New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 11/27 - RVDS, Magic Touch, Kyle Hall and more!

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RVDS - Moon on Milky Way



Moon on Milky Way 12"


Brilliant new record from the oddball house producer. Warm analog soundbaths for all hours of the day and night. Monday Rain is a relaxed warm-up track with playful 303 and Juno strings. Winter Moonness takes classic square-wave Chicago bounce into a psychedelic, keyboard mashing solo. 

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KMFH - Boat Party Bonus

Kyle Hall

Boat Party Bonus 12"

Wild Oats

Cool companion piece to KMFH's fairly epic Boat Party  LP. This one's aimed at the djs. The A-side contains a couple of soul-sample jams roughed up to the point where they become something else, a mutant railroad dub. The B-explores Hall's other fascination - twisted drum beatdowns. 

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Magic Touch - Nothing More

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 11/20 - Axel Boman, DJ Harvey, Jovonn and more!

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Axel Boman - Family Vacation


Axel Boman

Family Vacation LP

Studio Barnhus

Outstanding full-length statement from the young Swedish producer. The record maintains a melancholic, bittersweet tone reminiscent of classic Kompakt releases, while maintaining the adroit, joyful sample work of Detroit house. The record's first single is the excellent Fantastic Piano, which bears out the Cologne/Detroit connection, yet the album's clever pacing and dynamics include moody Rhodes on Barcelona and the sad carnival music of Animal Lovers. A  fulfilling journey.

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Dj Harvey - Sarcastic Study Masters Vol. 3DJ Harvey

Sarcastic Study Masters Vol. 2 CD


Reissue of the 2001 mix that positioned Harvey as the fearless and rightful heir to Danielle Baldelli's cosmic legacy. What's fascinating about revisiting this record some 12 years later, is the Venice dj's unquestionable role in the revival of many of the track's contained. Antena's Camino Del Sol emerges early in the mix with its lackadaisical brilliance. Holger Czukay and other legends whose late period work is well-suited for moonlight beach parties appear throughout. Transportative. 

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 11/13 - Simoncino, Patrick Cowley, Xosar and more!

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Dorisburg - Smuts Studs



Smuts/Studs 12"

Boss Musik

Understated but hard-hitting house from one-half of Genius of Time. A-side Smuts is an adroit combination of low-slung disco house and ethereal dubbiness. The lessons from Genius of Time's live hardware sets are in full effect, every element is caught in a pleasing state of flux. B-side Studs is a menacing drum track not far from certain Funkinevil productions and is a gripping 7-minute journey despite lack of traditional melody. A great start for the Boss Musik imprint.

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Xosar - Wildlyfe Genesis 12"



Wildlyfe Genesis 12"

Creme Organization

Ominous, minor-key jams from the Hague/SF Electribe Godess. The a-side builds up several creepy synth lines to a whirring climax. The B, Eye of the Rainstorm, is the highlight. It's longing and oceanic, John Carpenter-house. No one's sounding quite like Xosar right now.

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 10/30 - Livity Sound, Pharoahs, Matt Tolfrey, Marshall Jefferson and more!

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Various Artists - Livity Sound

Various Artists

Livity Sound CD

Livity Sound

The Bristolians Pev(erelist), Asusu and Kowton present a compelling compendium of their mutant bass sound. The structures here are nominally sci-fi techno, yet a destructive low-end current runs through nearly every track. Despite its natural austerity, subtlety is not lost on the trio. Asusu's Sister uses ethereal pads over the percussive racket. Kowton's Jam01 cleverly employs filtering to make a 909 drum track sound fresh. Pev's revisit of his collaboration with Kowton, Beneath Radar, has the sonic precision and economy of Boddika's recent work.

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Gerry Read - U Got No God Damn Groove

Gerry Read

U Got No God Damn Groove 12"

Fourth Wave

Rough hewn house cuts. The title track slides banging lo-fi percussion and the expected sample up against a euphoric soul sample. The b, Rubber Hands, is brilliant. Corroded hi-hat sits atop addictive filtered synth/bass lead. Closer Andy Asteroids is a hardware jam less focused on melody than the previous tracks.

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 10/23 - Funkinven, Delroy Edwards, Lakker, James Ferraro and more!

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TCB - Monogamie



Monogamie 12"

Die Orakel

Odd, intriguing house forms from The Citizen's Band. The title track maintains an optimistic nu disco meets afrobeat pulse, but the highlights here are the original and MM/KM (Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse) take on Unchained. The original track uses only sharp modular arpeggiation for percussion but manages to be funky as hell, integrating a soaring horn motif and wordless vocal samples. KM/MM bring their trademark low-slung percussion and wooziness. Recommended.

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Delroy Edwards & Funkineven


Delroy Edwards x Funkineven

X & XX 12"


Heat from the unholy LDN/LA alliance of rising producers Funkineven and Delroy Edwards. The functionally titled tracks are rough dj tools with manic percussion. There is always talk of perfect tracks with just a few elements, but there are exactly two on this record - bassline and percussion. That percussion just happens to be some of the most unique you'll hear this year, all distant cannon snare, steamvent ambience and skittershot breaks.

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