New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 4/3/14 - Panoram, Christopher Rau, Tom Ov England and more!

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Mr. Feeling - House is Mr. Feeling

Mr. Feeling

House is Mr. Feeling LP


Next level homage from Chicago vet Jordan Fields. In this world of pretenders, who better to take us through the possibilities of the classic jack track sound? "I Want to Jack" is a clear Chip E tribute, yet the moody rhodes and electrofunk pads on "Your Desire", and restless bassline on "15 Minutes of Fame" make this record inventive and enjoyable far beyond its conceit. 

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Terrence Parker - Emancipation of My SoulTerrence Parker

Emancipation of My Soul 12"

Intangible Records

You don't name a track "Emancipation of My Soul" lightly, and TP's 1995 sanctified piano house classic lives up to the title. A piano riff speeds up and remains constant through beatdown drums, a grip of killer basslines and introspective strings. The b-side, "A Track for O.J. Simpson" slams, and odd organ riff and bassline preceding huge marching band kicks and hand drums.

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New CD/Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/27/14 - Hidden Fees, Efdemin, Voices from the Lake and more!

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Hidden Fees - So What


Hidden Fees

So What 12"

Beats in Space

Plenty of djs (plenty of LA djs) are involved in the disco not disco unearthed classic arms race, but you don't hear too many acts take a shot at their own version. Hidden Fees isn't scared. Full disco orchestra with Emotional Rescue-era Jagger pouting all over it. Great hypnotic Rhodes lines and horn arrangements. Portugese wizard Tiago turns in some hypnotic, floor-ready remixes.

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Vermont - Vermont


Vermont CD


Brooding, patient album from the US-style house wunderkind and the Innervsions man Worgull. Not a sample or an obvious club cut to be found here, this is emotional synthesizer music more concerned with textures than beats. "Ruckzug" uses moody piano and an insistent synth, while "Ubersprung" has beautiful, elegiac strings. It's all a tad serious, but it's expertly produced the listener would be hard pressed to find more evocative, filmic electronic music. The delicate, precise touch used to create these tracks make it a perfect fit on Kompakt.

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New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/13/14 - Bohemian Groove, Jay Daniel, Vincent Floyd and more!

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Bohemian Groove - A Musical Drama

Bohemian Groove

A Musical Drama 12"

Throne of Blood

Awesome, somewhat under the radar EP from the shadowy Bohemian Groove. "BJ Funk" purports to be a mission statement of sorts, using a catchy organ stab before bringing in a deep bassline which brings the deep collaboration between FIT and Gunnar Wendel (Kassem Mosse) to mind. Veterans Posthuman knock their remix of the track out of the park, working from a huge melodic progression to a relaxed acid breakdown. Another original with a Hieroglyphic Being mix on the B-side. Recommended.

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Dj Sotofett Presents Another Bahkti MixDj Sotofett

Dj Sotofett Presents Another Bahkti Mix 12"


New tracks following the first unobtainable Bahkti release. A-side "Trans-Jungle Ride" takes a psychedelic house progression and places it over a dub bassline and breakbeat flourishes. Properly hypnotic. "Cross-Jungle Tide" removes the kick, focusing on the natural rhythmic qualities of the insistent melody and filling the background with creepy synth abstractions.

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New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/6/14 - Dj Deep, Willie Burns, Phonica Records and more!

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Detour 001Various Artists

Detour 001 12"


Pittsburgh's given us the prolific Pittsburgh Track Authority and Chase Smith (WT Records, Argot) as of late, and the new Detour label evidences the city is emerging as midwest (ish) hotspot for underground sounds. Remarkably consistent in style for a V/A, PTA starts things off with straightforward Detroit techno, reminiscent of prime Carl CraigMirko (who has also released on Ithaca's excellent Blank Slate), goes dark with "Arena", nestling a cool didgeridoo-like bassline within austere, Function-style techno. The young producer Naeem is responsible for the comp's most adventurous track, a gritty house track that mixes tough percussion and dreamy melodies like Omar S.

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The Citizen's Band - Smalltown BluesThe Citizen's Band

Smalltown Blues 12" 

Tasteful Nudes

Airy, tripping house EP from TCB. The title track introduces the loose, nuanced percussion that defines the EP, with a boogie influenced bass line and melodic piano progression serving as an inviting introduction. "Disrupted" is headier, with searching synth leads recalling Four Tet's most psychedelic work. "Eddy's Theme" continues down a similar Krautrock/Border Community-influenced path, while closer "Freefall" is built on a cosmic, arpeggiated theme which will appeal to fans of Steve Moore and Pye Corner Audio.

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New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 2/20/14 - STL, Lucy, Gigi Masin and more!

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jSTL - At Disconnected Moments

At Disconnected Moments CD

Masterful dub techno full-length from STL, aka mysterious German producer Stephan Laubner. To date, Laubner has never released a full-length on a label other than his own Something imprint, though the austere art direction of Hamburg's Smallville label make it a good home for Laubner's atmospheric music. "Amelie's Dub" waits until halfway through its 10-minute runtime to introduce abstract, wintry piano over propulsive synth stabs and hissing field recordings. "Ghostly Ambit" begins inauspiciously as a simple delayed pattern over a symphony of crickets; eventually a kick drops in, the pattern is blurred and a mournful viola heightens mood and tension. On "One Day" STL demonstrates his mastery of clean, emotional mixing - the drums, bass, distant synth and woodwinds burrow into their own sonic space, isolated, yet as a whole, capable of enveloping the listener. For fans of DeepChordand Basic Channel.

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Lucy - Churches Schools and GunsLucy 
Churches Schools & Guns LP
Stroboscopic Artefacts

Varied full-length from the Berlin producer, who seeks to bend techno into new forms while maintaining a clear sense of history. After The Horror's uneasy, droning intro, Lucy quickly jumps into blackened Sandwell District-informed sound design. Lucy takes varying paths towards creepy territory. On Follow the Leader, Tuvan throat singers contribute to an unholy techno ritual. The Illusion of Choice is among the album's most traditional, 90s-rave influenced compositions. Even here, Lucy drops some brilliant free-jazz saxophone atop to keep the listener guessing. On closer Falling, the producer works with vocalist Emma for a wistful, wind chime folk number that is at odds with the album's dark mood, serving to demonstrate Lucy's wide emotional range and gift for narrative.

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