New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 5/11 - Timothy Fairplay, Claro Intelecto, Vedomir, Dream 2 Science, Actress, Shackleton, Traxx & more

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Timothy J. Fairplay
The Final Reel 12”
Bird Scarer

ANDREW WEATHERALL's new vinyl only imprint, BIRD SCARER, launches with this epic 11+ minute piece of electronic music - think JOHN CARPENTER or DORIS NORTON. On the flipside, WEATHERALL himself takes on the composition and remixes it into a consolidated 7 minutes journey.

The Final Reel 12" here:

Claro Intelecto

Reform Club 2LP

After something of a hiatus, Manchester's Claro Intelecto is back to release his third full-length album, Reform Club. Throughout his career, the man known as Mark Stewart has always created lush deep house and techno soundscapes awash with dubby undercurrents. They have previously come on Boomkat's boutique label Modern Love, while his Second Blood EP marked a Delsin debut. It was his first real outing in some time, bar the odd remix for the likes of Depeche Mode, The Black Dog and Delphic, and was well-received by fans of Stewart's past work, including the likes of his stripped-back Warehouse Sessions 12" series. This new album deals in all the usual moods and textures you'd expect from Claro Intelecto -- it's warm and cuddly, comforting and inviting right from the first track, despite the rough edges and well-defined analog details which pervade throughout. Building slowly but surely, it progresses through kick-driven deep house, bounces along on top of stretched-out synth lines and forever keeps the mind occupied, shape-shifting before your very ears like something with a life all its own. There are blissed-out and sun-kissed moments that look to the future right at the heart of the album, but the thing slowly rebuilds to more kinetic but just as soft-edged techno peaks flashed with acid, icy hi-hats and ambient static in the ensuing tracks. Though the whole album is dreamy and sounds deeply submersed in some foggy subterranean world, it stays dynamic and lucid with plenty of serene melodies and celestial emotions offsetting the gently churning beat-tumbles below. Like all the full-length works of Stewart, Reform Club makes most sense when listened to from start to finish: getting lost in its midst is surely to be one of 2012's greatest listening pleasures.

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New 12" / LPs @ Amoeba Hollywood 5/8 - Shackleton, Madteo, Actress, Soft Rocks, Untold, Kowton and more

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Music Drawbar Organ CD
Woe To The Septic Heart

The spaciously dark and minimalistic 5 parts from his "MUSIC FOR THE QUIET HOUR" project, as well as cuts from his 3 EP's comprising "THE DRAWBAR ORGAN"

Purchase Music Drawbar Organ CD here:

Recast 12”

Brooklyn's Madteo has been seeing his profile grow considerably after some serious releases on Meakusma, Workshop, and most recently Joy O's Hinge Finger label. Here the leftfield dance producer gets remixed by Kassem Mosse, Marcellus Pittman and Shake!

Purchase Recast here:


Honest Jons

Between sleep and the void lies the electronic interzone of Actress. Following the noted 2010 album Splazsh (HJR 049CD/LP) (voted #1 in The Wire magazine's "Top 50 Releases Of The Year") South London producer Darren Cunningham returns with a suite of electronic laments, tone structures and dream-time rhythms which all carry his unmistakable fingerprint. R.I.P. comprises 15 tracks painstakingly crafted by Cunningham in his London studio over recent years, with a conceptual arc taking in death, life, sleep and religion. Right from the debut album Hazyville, Actress' music has carried deep tinges and pockmarks of London's rave music heritage. But after the angular dynamics of Splazsh, R.I.P. heads out into deep space. The rhythms and pulses are smudged or blurred, or are hinted at by their absence. Two-step garage is collided into gamelan, and freeform interludes explore microtonal spaces and imagined string instruments. The fifteen chapters of R.I.P. begin with ascension and the Book of Genesis, played out through gardens, serpents and mythological caves. Appropriately for exploring the myths of creation, the sounds Actress creates are completely sui generis. There are no soft synths or plug-ins, and instead he uses meticulous manual sound-tinkering to create tones, tunings and textures. The ghosted rhythms and free tunings of these tracks live in a parallel universe to the conventional rigors of the dancefloor. Unlike the sterile sound-spaces rendered in so much laptop sound-product, these tracks carry traces of the endless mouse strokes that made them. The album begins with the title track, a short tonal requiem for the dead, before drifting into another beatless meditation, the rippling minimalist structure of "Ascending." "Holy Water" and "Marble Plexus" introduce rhythm, although these percussive tics could be equally sourced from sub-bass speaker stacks or marbles rolling around a bowl. "Jardin" and "Serpent" are origami-like constructions which orbit around what could be pizzicato strings or harps. Last-but-one is "IWAAD," whose pulsing 4/4 rhythms and warm hits of low-end vibration hint at a return to the real. R.I.P. underlines Actress's reputation as one of the most eloquent voices to emerge from the sub-bass nexus of London dance music.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 4/18 - Pepe Bradock, Jimmy Edgar, Vakula, Desolate, The Traveller, John Daly & tons more

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Pepe Bradock
Imbroglios 1-4 12”

Pepe Bradock
adds another 4-tracker to his unparalleled run of marvelous releases on his Atavisme imprint. A glorious synopsis of his unmistakable style fusing snippets of jazz, film soundtrack and eccentric humor and a huge atmospheric range from spooky to buoyant, often changing in seconds but always keeping that instantly-recognizable, quirky swing. This is the first part out of four.

Purchase Imbroglios 1 here:

Jimmy Edgar

This One’s For… 12”
Hot Flush

Two slices of erotic robo-pop and future sleaze, plus an instrumental of the title track "THIS ONE'S FOR THE CHILDREN", from this Detroit producer already well known on the underground with full length albums released on WARP and !K7. A sampler for his forthcoming "MAJENTA" album.

Purchase This One's For... here:


Leleka 002 12”

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/29 - Magic Mountain High on Workshop, Kaseem Mosse, Kowton, Burial + Four Tet, Baaz, Hunee & tons more

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Magic Mountain High

Schnitzel Box Vol. 1 EP

Debut release from Move D / Juju & Jordash's new project Magic Mountain High, serious analogue grooves here. Heavy droning, warm sounding, acidic original House EP - TIP!

Purchase Schnitzel Box here:

Kowton / Juniper / Kareem Moser
Ominira 333

Three hypnotic grooves of dusty housish/technoesque tunes from Kowton, Juniper and Kareem Mosser AKA Kaseem Mosse

Purchase Ominira 333 here:

Burial & Four Tet
Nova 12"

Another extremely limited, black label 12" from this pair of underground superstar producers, with a lilting, melancholy melody that drifts over a shuffling bassline. Demand always exceeds supply on these BURIAL & FOUR TET releases on TEXT, so do not miss out on this!!

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/21 - Panabrite LP, Monolake, Barker & Baumecker, John Tejada, Vakula, Conforce & more

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Soft Terminal LP

Panabrite is the project of Norm Chambers -- not a household name to most people, but for those who have been reveling in his music for the last few years, he is absolutely adored. He is also, we should add, the man responsible for one of the most-loved synth albums of the last few years, although that's a journey he took incognito and we just aren't at liberty to divulge that identity quite yet. Some will be quick to chalk Soft Terminal up as just another Kosmische record, but that's just the surface dressing. There is something deeper happening here: vivid, liquid dreams are sculpted into intricate fantasy landscapes, each layer revealing another aspect of Chambers' production prowess. The thing with Chambers, is that he has an innate ability to write richly-textured, melodic compositions that have as much in common with vintage electronic library music as they do with minimal synth-pop and '70s prog. Soft Terminal opens with "Rainbow Sequence" and "Index Of Gestures." The former remains understated, moving simply and slowly while pulling open the curtain on the rest of the album. With "Index Of Gestures," Chambers opens up the sequencers and lets them fly. Dizzying passages resonate and when the piece finally feels like it will lift off, he tightens the reins and dives straight into an underwater sequence. But that's only a small part of the story. "Janus" opens with finger-picked guitar arrangements augmented with synth chords and rising leads. The guitars return on "Sound Softly" while Chambers' ghostly, robotic vocals float away unscathed. On "Beta Axis Terminal," pointillist tones flutter in and out before sharp, sequenced chord progressions overtake them. As the piece continues to build, vocoder hovers above thickened basslines and you feel lost in a dystopian sci-fi novel. But ultimately, Chambers' pop sensibilities are most evident on the mini-masterpiece, "Camembert Symphony." Pushed along by the constant thrum of a drum machine, multiple melodies are interwoven, wrapping themselves tightly around you. Each soaring synth glues the song deeper into your mind before fading away into the sonic ether. Cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin. Limited to 500 copies only.

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