New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 9/21 Yoko Duo, Roman Flugel, Fudge Fingas, Pacific Horizons and tons more!

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Yoko Duo
Behaving Like A Widower LP

It's impossible to describe without metaphors what happens when listening to the debut album Behaving Like A Widower by Yoko Duo. Holger Zilske and August Landelius draw bright paintings with cool colors, framed by a mosaic of delicate glitches. This music comes without any irony or cynicism and guarantees a prominent place in the gallery of soulful legacy of the electronica genre for the Yoko Duo.

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Roman Flugel
Fatty Folders 2LP

After two outstanding 12" releases on Dial Records, German electronic music staple Roman Flügel continues with Fatty Folders, a full-length album presenting a colorful selection of essential works. Also known as Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Sensorama and Alter Ego, Roman Flügel always has been a main influence on the Dial Records family. Roman Flügel's unique and unexpected productions explore an excitingly wide range of eclecticism, modernism and dandyism under a groove. Every single track is a magical journey and the whole album is like finding a universe as deep as an ocean. Here comes a true sound scientist who knows how to enchant the dancers, the connoisseurs and the lovers.

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 9/1 Gunnar Jonsson, Pacific Blue, Lone, Instra:mental w/ Skudge, Marcus Mixx & more

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Gunnar Jonsson
Relationer EP
Just Another Beat

Warm atmospheric extended house grooves. Oozing with emotion. Look out for Henrik Jonsson’s upcoming album with partner Alter on Kontra Musik.

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Pacific Blue
Industry Pt 1 & 2
Pacific Blue

Exciting new project from Avian camp fts 1st run on lush blue wax backed by a full colour printed insert lovingly designed Mr Mendez from Historia Y Violencia / Sandwell District. Super tough house drums collide w/classic techno stabs & hats.

Purchase Industry Pt 1 & 2 here:

All Those Weird Things 12"

Special edition, 1-sided, laser-etched release with graphics from the label WIGFLEX. The song is a wonky, weirded out techno/future bass track getting support from JAMES HOLDEN, WILL SAUL, PANGAEA, SHORTSTUFF, & RED RACKEM. HEADZ TECHNO

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 7/22 - The Sight Below, Iron Curtis, Levon Vincent, Sven Weisemann, Justin Vandervolgen & more

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The Sight Below
Glider 2LP

There’s a beating heart buried in the cold landscape of Glider, a warm 4/4 pulse that enervates the album’s echoing, looped drones and pulls the listener swiftly through the snow. By pinning barely-there electronic beats to his wisps of guitar melody, the Seattle-based producer turns ambient music into a hybrid strain of breathtakingly intimate, small-scale dance music. There’s a separation of elements in The Sight Below’s songs that’s almost meteorological in nature: Tendrils of treated guitar trail lazy patterns in the sky like the Aurora Borealis (“At First Touch”), flicker in the distance like heat lightning (“Dour”), or expand and contract like time-lapse cloud formations (“Life’s Fading Light”); running along beneath, nearly obscured by the airborne phenomena, is an ever-present beat, which ranges from the mud-puddle throb in “Without Motion” to the tiny, insistent high-hats in “A Fractured Smile.” The tracks evolve at a deliberated pace, but as the tones overlap and the rhythms build, time oozes to a halt and hangs in blissfully frost-bitten suspended animation. With Glider, The Sight Below has created a work of vertiginous sonic depth and exquisite melancholy: techno music for a dark, brooding night.

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Iron Curtis

Goma EP– San Soda / Mano Le Tough 12"

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 7/15 - Legowelt, NWAQ, Stereociti, Norm Talley, Tevo Howard & more

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Sark Island Acid EP

Always telling stories with his songs the prolific Danny Wolfers' latest offering the ''Sark Island Acid'' EP once again brings the listener into his shadowy world where the sounds of Chicago and Detroit meld with a demented dreamworld in which woodland creatures attempt space travel, lonely middle-aged men cast off by society perform circuit bending experiments in their parents suburban basement and autistic fans of late night talk radio call in from the outer-reaches to discuss world politics. Three tracks with the A-side being the bubbling, subduded and beautiful title track Sark Island Acid and the B-side containing the smudged out 808 ghetto compression of Backwoods Fantasies and the epic piano driven Sea of Nuhuhu. Strictly limited! 

Dead Bears 2LP

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New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 7/7 - John Beltran, Move D, Nicolas Jaar, John Tejada, Jason Fine & more

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John Beltran

Ambient Selections 1995-2011 3LP

Delsin is proud to present this best-of ambient compilation by one of their all-time producer heroes, John Beltran. The 16 tracks presented here include "Collage Of Dreams," as featured on HBO's Six Feet Under series, and other material from his sought-after albums originally released on Peacefrog and R&S. Beltran is a staple of the Detroit techno scene, releasing records on the Retroactive label that would later develop into his trademark contemplative, melodic style. Includes cuts from Earth & Nightfall (1995), Ten Days Of Blue (1996), Moving Through Here (1997), Going Home (2006), The Sky EP Series No. 2 (2000), his Placid Angles release The Cry (1997) his self-titled Indio release (1999), Americano (2002) and Human Engine (2006). With extensive liner notes from the artist himself.

Purchase Ambient Selections 1995-2011 3LP

Move D
Workshop 13

Crafty upbuilding disco.esquer house EP from the Hardwax camp.

Purchase Workshop 13 here:

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