New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/17 - Cliff Lothar, Azymuth, Claudio PRC, Black Deer and more!

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Cliff Lothar - White SavageCliff Lothar  

White Savage 12"


Mysterious emanations from the Hague. The four tracks hear are heavy on Boss-drum machines, meandering live basslines, odd samples and Detroit-electro influence. Despite the reliance on classic analog modules, the material sounds fresh and will be of equal interest to the working dj and studio hermit. 

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Gerd - Luv ThangAlden Tyrell  

Luv Thang 12"


Nice late night bomb from 4Lux proprietor Gerd and Alden Tyrell. The duo recruited Jessy Allen to lend "Luv Thang" her insouciant lyrics. The instrumental version draws attention to the track's adroit 909 workout.  "Girls Can't Swim" is a harder big room techno-tool

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Hiver - Blue AconiteHiver  

Blue Aconite 12"

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New 12"/LP/CD/Digital Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/10 - Omar-S, James Holden, Metro Area and more!

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Omar-S - Thank YouOmar-S  

Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Part 1 (LP)

Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself Part 2 (LP)


Vinyl release of the sprawling full-length from Omar-S. The collection of 13 previously unreleased tracks feel suitably epic, the producer flexing his ability to tackle a diversity of styles with a hat tip to the album form. "Be Yoself" emerges as the first in a number of tracks that will be included among past FXHE classics, and has the producer laying thoughtful synth ambience over an massive bass line. "Let It Ride" could be a mission statement for the album - Omar-S is that rare producer who leaves well enough alone, in this instance lacing a tough groove with some virtuosic piano playing for nearly seven minutes. "Helter Shelter" sounds as corroded as a Huerco S. track, while the lack of melody and subtle drums of "Tardigrade's" recall Omar's oft-quoted admonition to lazy djs: "Yeah bitch, that’s all the record do. Yep your lazy ass needs to do some other shit with it."

The title track has Omar-S indulging his sensitive side to stunning effect. A subtle Rhodes chord and brief synth figure bring in a mid-track melodic line of heartbreaking optimism. Closer "It's Money In the D" looks back to the moody piano nostalgia of "Just Ask The Lonely". Another winner.

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/3 - Tom Trago, Nathaniel X Project, Tin Man, Psychemagik and more!

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Nathaniel X Project - Supplement DeuxNathaniel X Project 

Supplement Deux 12"

Under Tones

Reliable deepness from Nathaniel X, whose "prequel" First Supplement moved 2,000 copies. More of the same in the best way possible, with two vocal tracks and two instrumentals. "Just A Dance" contains a narrative that will resonate with clubgoers who won't move to just anything. When the track's narrator moves towards the floor the music picks up with an inspired set of chords. Beautiful track. "Station X" and "You F O (Self)" are terrific NYC-style rollers, the former tastefully using a DX7 sax sounds and the latter cutting up a diva vocal to pleasing effect. "Pathematics" is the record's highlight and has Nathaniel X addressing epic themes of economic disparity, dropping the snare in on the 3 and 4 while strings, harp and percussive bass set the tone.

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Neo - Global NetworkNeo  

Global Network LP

Emotional Response

Another bizarre piece of the Kevin Harrison puzzle, lovingly reissued by Soft Rocks' Emotional Response imprint. Global Network was made by Harrison and Peter Every in 1985, and though the My Life In The Bush of Ghosts and YMO comparisons hold water, this thing is deranged in its own way. Corroded dub horns and eastern melodies feature throughout. "Bete Noire" is creeping dub raga over an infernal stopwatch. "Subt(erranean) Culture" sounds like a midi take on the Suspiria soundtrack. Some of the record's most inviting tracks come later, with "Under the Sun" laying gregorian chant over chilled synth arppegiations. Essential listening for the Mutant Sounds set.

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/26 - Rong Music, Juan Atkins/Moritz Von Oswald, Gemini, Moon B and more!

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Claremont Originals - Rong MusicRong Music

Originals Vol. 7 CD

Claremont 56

Stunning entry in the essential Originals series. This is the missing Vol. 7, compiled by Ben Cook and Jason Drummond (DJ Spun) of Rong Music. Moreso than the legendary Originals discs compiled by Mark Seven and Sean P, the tracks here are firmly rooted in memory and place. Rong describes Aardvark's "The Return of Rasputin" as a quintessential SF rave track, credits the 1992 F.M. Inc version "Dub Me Anytime" as responsible for his desire to produce, and imparts the stoned wonder of hearing an Electro-Harmonic pedal demo record for the first time. Texas punk iconoclasts Big Boys and SF culture-jammers Negativland feature without interrupting the vibe. 

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Terekke - YYYYYYYTerekke



The mysterious Brooklyn producer returns with his second 12-inch for L.I.E.S. Top-notch dub house. Tape hiss adds to the overall atmosphere and soul samples are given the hauntological treatment. Listen to "Amaze" for an apt summary of Terekke's appeal - a somewhat pedestrian Maze sample becomes an isolated voice on a tripping, analog bed.

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New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 6/14 - Head High, B-Tracks, Kode9, Mark Ernestus and more!

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Head High- BurningHead High


Power House

Shed returns under his now-infamous Head High alias. Rene seems less bent on destroying the dancefloor this time out, retaining the huge kick but focusing instead on drum swing and reverbed pianos. Corroded percussion and dub atmospherics nuance the King Street/MK-channeling rollers. Expect this one to fly of the shelves as quickly as the vaunted "Rave" release.

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Joey Anderson - Diagram SolutionsJoey Anderson 

Diagram Solutions 


Terrestrial, burbling EP from Joey Anderson on his own Inimeg records. The NJ/NYC producer starts deep with "Musical Tentacles", which works with a insistent bass line to create an subtle peak time monster. "Storm Valley" is more ethereal - Anderson's take on the restrained dub-house sound. "Rise Senth" could have been released on Editions Mego or Spectrum Spools and has Anderson is otherworldy cipher mode in a way similar to fellow NYC house mystic Madteo.

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