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Jeff Harris
San Francisco
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Last Post: 05/14/2012

Born in Washington DC, Jeff Harris has been a veteran of the music industry for nearly three decades. While attending City College of San Francisco as a broadcasting student, he held down the position of music director for campus station KCSF from 1990-92. From there, he spent nearly a decade and a half working in the record industry in sales and marketing for Polygram Group Distribution, Allegro Corporation, and Innovative Distribution Network (IDN). Jeff has also worked professionally as a mobile and club DJ for over 26 years, and is co-host of the long running and popular theme parties "The Prince & Michael Experience" and "That 80's Show" in San Francisco. A longtime resident of the Bay Area, Jeff is a lifelong, avid record collector (around 15,000 at last count) and musicologist who lives and breathes music.