Our Brad Interviewed by NPR

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Check out this interview NPR did with our very own Brad, indie buyer for Amoeba Hollywood, about the crazy amount of super Tuesday releases that hit the store this week and the thought behind ordering each album!

Gang of Four to Release Brand New Album in January

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Billboard and various other sources have announced that seminal band Gang of Four will release their first album of new material in 14 years this coming January! The group reunited in recent years, toured to great success and have parlayed that into writing a record's worth of new songs together.

The album will be called Content and will be released in the US sometime in late January 2011.

Bassist David Allen says to Billboard, "The biggest surprise is that we've been capable getting back to our roots. A whole bunch that we've done sounds like [1979's] Entertainment!. It's more aggressive, more angular. People might also be intrigued that [singer] Jon [King] is singing better than he ever did."

gang of four

Guy Has an EPIC Acid Trip at 2001: Space Odyssey at the Egyptian Theater 2010/9/10

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Because movies are more fun in Hollywood.

Die Antwoord's $0$ Gets Release Date

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Your favorite zef-side, rap/rave, wat pomp band, Die Antwoord, is releasing its official debut album, $0$, October 12 on Cherry Tree/Interscope! Here's the cover:

die antwoord $0$

While you anxiously tie your Dark Side of the Moon boxer shorts in a bunch waiting for this highly anticipated release, check out a What's In My Bag featuring Die Antwoord letting us in on what they found on a recent shopping trip at Amoeba Hollywood!

Glasser Instore at Amoeba Hollywood 9.24

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Glasser is coming to Amoeba Hollywood for an instore performance September 24 at 7pm! Her new album, Ring, comes out just a few days later, on Sept 28! This will be her last hometown gig till we're into 2011, so come on out and give 'er a good send off! Get more info here.

glasser amoeba instore
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