Lana Del Rey at Amoeba Hollywood

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Today's "it" girl, Ms. Lana Del Rey, performed on Tuesday evening at Amoeba Hollywood to a packed house of excited fans who had been waiting for hours to see her.
Lana Del Rey soundcheck
Lana Del Rey soundcheck
Lana Del Rey Born To Die
Lana Del Rey
Born To Die

Earlier in the afternoon, Lana Del Rey jumped on stage to do a quick soundcheck. She seemed relaxed and happy in her jeans and Ferrari team racing jacket as she dipped in and out of a few songs from her new album, Born To Die. Her voice sounded crystal clear and stopped some shoppers still as they looked on.

She smiled and joked with a few fans from the stage, and once she was done with the soundcheck, she spontaneously jumped down to talk to a small crowd of fans which had gathered. They were thrilled of course, and she chatted with them for a few minutes, hugged them and took pictures before she slid out to the Green Room to get ready for the show.

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February Charity Auction Recap

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The February charity auction at Amoeba Hollywood was a great success and helped raise a lot of money for The Pepper Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues mostly special needs and senior animals from high kill shelters and gets the animals rehabilitated and adopted into loving homes. 
Jason Boggs
The auciton was hosted by first-time-on-the-Amoeba-soundboard-stage auctioneer Jason Boggs!  Jason quickly garnered a small crowd who were entranced by his warmth and smile (and the wry inside jokes). The Pepper Foundation brought in a tiny crooked-jawed chihuahua which made the whole thing even MORE worthwhile when the bidding started.

Here are some of the highlights:

Smashing Pumpkins 7" Box and photos $10.00
Roger Corman DVD package $20.00
KISS collectible pack $20.00
Trader Joe's Gift Certificate and I Dream of Jeannie Lunchbox $55.00
Lauryn Hill Tickets $70.00 !!
Ozzy Color Litho thingy $25.00
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Signed Book and Poster $25.00
Laemmle Movie Passes $50.00 !!
Bob Marley Package $15.00
Record Store Day 45 Pack $40.00
CocoRosie Tickets $35.00 (after a furious 3-way bidding war.....)
Madonna Ray of Light Promo 
Henna Tattoo Kit with Lady Gaga Discoball Keychain $20.00

All together, we raised $340 during the auction, but more than a few people kicked in EXTRA cash above and beyond their bids, so the total raised on Saturday was $380. With our matching dollar for dollar, we raised a total of $760 for the special needs pups

First Fridays at LA's Natural History Museum: 3/2 with Zola Jesus & EMA!

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Once a month, Los Angeles's Natural History Museum stays open late and features live music, excitingFirst Fridays, NHM, Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, LA scientific discussion, and behind-the-scenes curatorial tours as part of the First Fridays program. Amoeba is excited to sponsor this fabulous series of live music, discussion, concessions, tours, DJs, and more.

Join us on March 2nd from 5-10pm for a live performance from Zola Jesus and EMA, KCRW DJs Anthony Valadez and Chuck P, and guest lectures from Dr. Mike Brown ("Why Pluto Had to Die") and Doug Pearlstein ("The Evolving Universe").

Find out more HERE!

Watch Zola Jesus live from Amoeba Hollywood:

EMA - California (Official Video) from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

Our "What's In My Bag?" Video Screens Before "The Innkeepers" at the Downtown Independent

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We recently posted a new What's In My Bag? video with director Ti West and actress Sara Paxton from the new indie horror film The Innkeepers and we're excited to announce that our video will be shown in the theater before screenings of The Innkeepers at LA's Downtown Independent!

The Innkeepers, the latest film from The House of the Devil director, is about employees from a soon-to-be-closed inn who set out to prove that the inn is actually haunted. The film was inspired by West's real life experience staying at The Yankee Pedlar Inn in Connecticut (the same one featured in The Innkeepers) where he and the crew stayed during the shooting on The House of the Devil. In fact, the cast and crew of The Innkeepers - staying and shooting at The Yankee Pedlar Inn - had unusual dreams and paranormal sensations during their time at the Inn, just as the cast and crew of The House of the Devil had a few years earlier. Spooky...

The film opens on Friday, February 3 and is screening in Los Angeles at the Downtown Independent through Thursday February 9. Ti West will be at the Monday 2/6 7pm screening for a Q&A about the film. Go check it out and see our What's In My Bag? video on the big screen! 

Sidewalk Sale at Amoeba Hollywood on Jan 28

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The forecast for this weekend is clear and sunny so our rescheduled sidewalk sale will be this Saturday, January 28 from noon-5pm. There will be plenty of bargains on CDs, vinyl, DVDs, box sets, toys and more! See you there!

All sidewalk sales are final. Store credit cannot be used to purchase items from the sidewalk sale.

Sidewalk Sale   Sidewalk Sale

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