Music History Monday: June 18

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Born on this day: June 18, 1942 - Pop music icon Sir Paul McCartney (born James Paul McCartney in Liverpool, UK). Happy 70th Birthday to one of the greatest musicians of all time and one of my biggest musical heroes. We ♥ you, Sir Paul!

On this day in music history: June 18, 1966 - "Hold On, I'm A Comin'" by Sam & Dave hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for one week, also peaking at #21 on the same date. Written and produced by Isaac Hayes and David Porter, it features Booker T. & The MG's providing instrumental support. At first, the duo are not fond of the song, feeling that the title and lyrics are too "corny and hillbilly." In fact, on the finished record, Sam Moore can be heard laughing out loud when Dave Prater sings the lyric "I'm on my way, your lover, if you get cold yeah, I will be your cover." Released as a single in March of 1966, the song will quickly rise up the charts, becoming their first R&B chart topper and first top 40 pop hit.

On this day in music history: June 18, 1967 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience will make their now legendary American performance debut at The Monterey International Pop Music Festival. The band will be booked to perform on the recommendation of Paul McCartney, having seen Hendrix and the Experience perform at the Saville Theatre in London two and a half weeks earlier (opening their set with The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"). The bands' set at Monterey will climax with Hendrix setting fire to his Fender Stratocaster and smashing it on the stage. The performance will launch Hendrix into rock superstardom in the US and worldwide.

On this day in music history: June 18, 1977 - "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by Stevie Nicks, it is issued as the second single from the landmark Rumours album. Nicks will write the song in about ten minutes in Sly Stone's studio at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA (where the band are recording the album). The band will record it the following day, with the basic track being cut while Nicks sings her vocal live. Though only the lead vocal and drum track are all that are used from that initial session on the finished record. The other instruments and vocals will be overdubbed in Los Angeles at later sessions. "Dreams" will become the bands' first million selling single and their lone chart topper on the pop singles chart.

On this day in music history: June 18, 1984Camouflage, the 13th studio album by Rod Stewart is released. Produced by Michael Omartian (Christopher Cross, Donna Summer) it is recorded at Lion Share Studio in Los Angeles rom late winter to early spring, 1984. Following the critically maligned "Body Wishes," the album will return the veteran rocker to commercial prominence in the US. Sporting a slick, pop oriented sound, it will spin off three singles including the top 10 hits "Infatuation" (#6 Pop) and "Some Guys Have All The Luck" (#10 Pop). The video for the first single, "Infatuation" (featuring Stewart's friend and former band mate Jeff Beck on lead guitar), is directed by Jonathan Kaplan (The Accused, Truck Turner). The film noir styled black & white clip features actress Kay Lenz and veteran character actor Mike Mazurki (the old man). At the time of the singles' run on the charts, there are two versions of the clip that are shown, each with an alternate ending. Camouflage will peak at #18 on the Billboard Top 200 and be certified gold by the RIAA.

On this day in music history: June 18, 1996Odelay, the fifth studio album by Beck is released. Produced by Beck Hansen, The Dust Brothers, Mario Caldato, Jr, Brian Paulson, Tom Rothrock, and Rob Schnapf, it is recorded at PCP Labs and G-Son Studios in Los Angeles; The Shop, Sunset Sound, and Conway Studios in Hollywood; and Sun Studios in Memphis, TN from March 1994 - February 1996.  Beck will initially begin recording with Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf in early 1994, intending it to be more acoustic-based than the previous album.  He end up will scrapping much of the work recorded during those sessions, starting over with The Dust Brothers. The albums' title is pun on the phrase "Oh Delay," with Beck making a subtle, self-effacing statement on how long it had taken to record the album. It will spin off five singles including "Where It's At" and "Devil's Haircut."  The album will become Hansen's most successful and acclaimed album, winning two Grammy Awards including Best Alternative Music Album and Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for the single "Where It's At." Odelay will peak at #16 on the Billboard Top 200.

On this day in music history: June 18, 1996 Secrets, the second album by Toni Braxton is released. Produced by Babyface, Antonio "L.A." Reid, R. Kelly, David Foster, Tony Rich, Soulshock & Karlin, and Keith Crouch, it is recorded at Bosstown Recording Studios and Studio LaCoCo in Atlanta; Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood; The Record Plant in Los Angeles; and The Tracken Place in Beverly Hills from October 1995 - May 1996. The follow-up to Braxton's self-titled debut will equal the success of her first effort, cementing her status as one of the premier female vocalists of the era. Featuring tracks produced by Babyface and David Foster, the album will spin off four hits including the #1 singles "You're Makin' Me High" (1 week on the Hot 100, 2 weeks on the R&B singles chart (non-consecutive) and "Un-Break My Heart" (11 weeks on the Hot 100 and #2 R&B). Secrets will be Braxton's most successful album, selling over 8 million copies in the US alone, and winning two Grammy Awards for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Secrets will peak at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and spend 1 week at #1 on the R&B album chart.

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