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Depeche Mode have always been know for their remixes. They take this stuff seriously. These are not just your everday remixes. This is the good stuff. I am actually not even really a fan of remixes. I mostly associate them with artists like Cher and Madonna. But the remix can be an awesome reinterpretation of one of your favorite songs. Depeche Mode and the artists that remix them usually take a song and create a whole new song. Sometimes it might take you a minute to even place the song. They have also been know to make a mediocre song great. And a great song amazing. They released their first collection of remixes back in 2004. Remixes 81-04 was available as a 3CD set and a single disc set. They had also released their fancy single box sets years early. These six box sets included all of their original singles with the b-sides and remixes. But this new collection went a bit farther and included mostly remixes that I had never heard before. I listened to these remix albums for months. I have loved this band since I can remember loving anything. So it is always fun to hear a new version of one of your favorite songs from your youth. I really didn't think there were very many more remixes out there. But Depeche Mode has done it again and released another 3CD set of remixes. Depeche Mode Remixes 2: 81-11. This collection covers the period between 2004 and 2011 not covered on their last remix album. But it also goes deep into the early years as well. It includes remixes of Strangelove, World In My Eyes, Never Let Me Down Again, Leave in Silence, Puppets, A Question of Time, Everyting Counts, & Happiest Girl. As you would expect, this new compilation of remixes is amazing. It is obviously not meant for anyone who is not a fan of the band already. If you don't like Depeche Mode then you will not be liking these remixes. But if you are a fan then you are in for a treat. I will probably be listening to nothing but Depeche Mode for the next couple of weeks. If you were one of the lucky ones then you may have also picked up the limited edition remix 12" available with purchase of this new album. We only got a handful unfortunately.

depeche mode remixes
Here is a breakdown of the remixes on the 3CD compilation and what albums the songs originally appeared on. There is at least one song from every album except for Some Great Reward. But "Lie To Me" and "Blasphemous Rumours" remixes did appear on the last remix album. Depeche Mode could probably still release another album of remixes in the next couple of years. They have had a long career and tons of brilliant songs over the years. I am still hoping for some sort of video box set from them. They need a DVD and Blu-Ray box set of all of their videos and TV appearances. I think it might be in their future. I will be counting down the days...

The 3CD set includes 35 remixes. Here is the breakdown...

Speak and Spell
Tora! Tora! Tora!

A Broken Frame 1982
Leave In Silence

Construction Time Again 1983
Everything Counts

Black Celebration
Fly on the Windscreen
A Question of Time

Music for the Masses 1987
Never Let Me Down (2 remixes)
Behind the Wheel

Personal Jesus (3 remixes)
World In My Eyes

Happiest Girl (bside)

Songs of Faith & Devotion
Walking In My Shoes
I Feel You
Higher Love

Barrel of a Gun
Only When I Lose Myself (bside)

Slowblow (bside)

Dream On
When the Body Speaks

Playing the Angel
Suffer Well
I Want It All
John the Revelator
A Pain That I'm Used To
Darkest Star

Sounds of the Universe
In Chains (2 remixes)
Fragile Tension

Ghost (bside)

Watch Depeche Mode perform "Leave in Silence" Live on the Tube from 1983!...amazing...

If Depeche Mode is my favorite band from the 80s then Suede is probably my favorite band from the 90s. They are giving us some amazing reissues over the next couple of weeks. Each of their 5 albums will be remastered and reissued with an extra disc of outtakes and bsides. And they also will each come with a DVD of videos and live performances. Amazing. I could not be more excited. Those first three Suede albums are amazing. And they still hold up after all these years. First up is Suede, their self titled album from 1993. The album that brought us Metal Mickey, So Young, Animal Nitrate, Sleeping Pills, The Next Life, Pantomime Horse, & The Drowners. This album really is amazing. I still know all the words to all of the songs on this album. I didn't really think it could get any better than this. And while their second album is maybe not as fun as the first. It is just as amazing. Maybe a bit darker. Dog Man Star was released in 1994. This reissue is out next week on June 14th. This album included We Are the Pigs, The Wild Ones, New Generation, The Asphalt World, Heroine, Still Life & The 2 Of Us. This will be followed by reissues of Coming Up from 1996, Head Music from 1999, and A New Morning from 2002. The reissues look great and I can't wait to watch all the DVDs that come with them. It doesn't get much better than this.

Here is what you will find on the second disc of the Suede reissue...

suedeDrowners [Rocking Horse demo]
Metal Mickey [Island demo]
Pantomine Horse [Island demo]
He's Dead [Rocking Horse demo]
Moving [Rocking Horse demo]
To The Birds [Rocking Horse]
Sleeping Pills [East West demo]
My Insatiable One
To The Birds
He's Dead
Where The Pigs Don't Fly
Painted People
Big Time, The
High Rising
My Insatiable One [piano version]

Brass In Pocket
Diesel [instrumental/studio outtake]
Stars On 45 [rehearsal room recording]
Just A Girl [early demo] - Suede & Justine Frischmann
Sleeping Pills [strings]

and here is what is on the NTSC Region 0 DVD...

original videos...

The Drowners
Metal Mickey
Animal Nitrate
So Young
The Drowners (US version)

live at the Brit Awards 1993...

Animal Nitrate

live at the Leadmill,
Sheffield 1993...

Metal Mickey
My Insatiable One
Animal Nitrate
Pantomine Horse
Drowners, The
Painted People
So Young
Animal Lover
Sleeping Pills
To The Birds

Love & Poison Tour, Brixton Academy 1993...
Next Life, The
Animal Nitrate
My Insatiable One
Metal Mickey
Pantomine Horse
He's Dead
Drowners, The
Painted People
She's Not Dead
To The Birds
Sleeping Pills
So Young

Brett Anderson And Bernard Butler 2011 Interview

Watch Suede perform "Metal Mickey" Live in 1993 from the Love & Poison Tour...

also out 5/31...

Director's Cut
by Kate Bush

Codes & Keys
by Death Cab For Cutie

by My Morning Jacket

Go With Me
by Seapony

by Alex Turner

What Did You Expect from the Vaccines
by The Vaccines

also out 6/7...

Suck It & See
by The Arctic Monkeys

Gloss Drop
by Battles

Arabia Mountain
by The Black Lips

Book of Mormon
Broadway Cast Recording

by Cults

It's A Corporate World
by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Remixes 2
by Depeche Mode

David Comes to Life
by Fucked Up

by Peter Murphy

Nick 13
by Nick 13

Loud Planes Fly Low
by The Rosebuds

Suede: Deluxe Edition
by Suede

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