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Back in '88, during hip-hop's so-called 'golden age,' for some magnificant reason damn near every rap release that came out was aposse on broadwayn instant classic: records like Marley Marl's "The Symphony," Eric B & Rakim's "Follow The Leader," EPMD's "Strictly Business," Too Short's "Life Is...Too Short," and of course Sir-Mix-a-Lot's "Posse on Broadway." 

A single off the famed Seattle rapper's debut album Swass on Nastymix Records, Sir Mix-a-Lot's song struck a nerve with rap fans everywhere at the time firstly because of the great lyrics and the track's 808 kick-drum fueled sick beat, and secondly because listeners made the song lyrics relate to their own town's Broadway -- whether they were in New York or San Francisco or wherever.

Of course, the Broadway in "Posse On Broadway" was the one in Mix-a-Lot's (born Anthony Ray) own hometown of Seattle in the Capitol Hill district, the one were they "stopped at Taco Bell for some Mexican eatin' But Taco Bell was closed, The girls was on my tip. They said go back the other way we'll stop and eat at Dick's. Dick's is the place where the cool hang out. The Swass like to play and the rich flaunt clout. Posse to he burger stand so big we walk in twos." (Scroll down to see full song lyrics.)

I recently interviewed new Seattle rapper D. Black and asked him if Dick's Drive-In, the famed Seattle fast food institution immortalized in "Posse On Broadway," was still in business. "Yes, Dick's is still there on Broadway, although I don't eat there anymore cos it's not Kosher," added the young emcee, who practices Judaism. On the topic of old school Seattle hip-hop, I asked D. Black if he personally knew Mix-a-Lot and if Mix was the very original Seattle rapper, and if not who was. He said he knew Mix through his parents who, he claims, were the very original hip-hop artists out of Seattle. "My mom and my dad were both doing hip-hop back in 1980 and were in the crews Emerald SSir Mix-a-Lottreet Girls and Emerald Street Boys," respectively, he said.

But in terms of popularity and commercial success, it was Sir Mix-a-Lot who really put Seattle on the rap map initially with songs like his 1985 debut single "Let's G," 1987's "Square Dance Rap," 1988's "Posse On Broadway," 1989's "Beepers," and of course his huge crossover hit "Baby Got Back" that came off his third full-length and major label debut, 1992's Mack Daddy. It also won the artist a Grammy in 1993 for Best Rap Solo Performance.

1988's "Posse On Broadway" originally came out in two versions: the "Radio Edit" and the "Godzilla Remix Edit." In the 21 years since "Posse On Broadway" was first released not only has the timeless track appeared on countless mixes, including last year's great Top Ranking Santogold mix CD by Diplo; it has also been covered or reinterpretated by many artists, including E40, who redid it as "Big Ballin' With My Homies'" on his 1999 album Charlie Hustle: The Blueprint of a Self-Made Millionaire, the Juggalo kings Insane Clown Posse, who redid it as "Posse on Vernor," and Souljah Boy, who remade it as "I'm Poppin' On MySpace,"

"Posse on Broadway" lyrics

Me and Kid Sensation and that home away from home
In the Black Benz Limo with the cellular phone
I'm callin' up the posse it's time to get rippin'
The freaks a need a sunroof to keep you sucka's trippin'
Everybody's lookin if you're jealous turn around
The AMG kick keeps us closer to the ground
we're gettin' good grip from the 50 series tires
the Alpine's bumpin' but I need the volume higher--
cause the 808 kick drum makes the girlies get dumb--
we're rollin' Rainier, and the jealous wanna get some--
Every time we do, the sucka M.C.'s wanna battle--
I'm the man they love to hate, the J.R. Ewing of Seattle--
Picked up the posse on 23rd and Jackson--
headed for the strip, yes we're lookin' for some action--
the limo's kinda crowded, the whole car was leanin' back--
Maharaji's watchin' T.V. with two girlies on his lap--
On Martin Luther King...the set looks kinda dead--

we need a new street so posse move ahead--
we all look kinda' SWASS the crew you can't forget--
the Mix-a-lot posse co' rippen' up the set--

My posse's on Broadway
My posse's on Broadway (posse up)
My posse's on Broadway
My posse's on Broadway

AhhhhRrrollin' with my posse we're gettin' kinda' bored--
there's not another posse with more points scored--
we don't walk around like criminals or flex like big gorillas--
my homeboy Kid Sensation is the teenage lady killa'--
Maharaji's on the def side dancin' like a freak--
the girlies see his booty and their knees get weak--
Larry is the white guy people think he's funny --
a real estate investa' who makes a lot of money--
Clockin' lots of dollas' we all got gold--
cruzin' in the Benz ain't got no place to go--
wheelin' 23rd we saw nuthin' but thugs--
the girlies was too skinny from smokin' all them drugs--
cause the rock man got 'em and their butts just dropped--
the freaks looked depressed 'cause the Benz won't stop--
at 23rd and Union the driver broke left--
Kevin shouted Broadway it's time to get def--
my girl blew me a kiss, she said I was the best--
she's lookin' mighty freaky in her black silk dress--
the closer that we get, the crazier that I feel--
the posse's on Broadway it's time to get ill--

My Posse's on Broadway.........(chorus)

Crusin Broadway and my wheels spin slow
Rollin with your posse is the only way to go
The girlies by the college was lookin for a ride
We tried to pick em up but we had no room inside
We put em on the trunk we put em on the hood
Some sat up with the driver they made him feel good
The posse's gettin bigger there's much too many freaks
My muffler is draggin my suspensions gettin weak
Now the freaks are gettin hungry in Mix A Lot's treatin'
We stopped at Taco Bell for some Mexican eatin'
But Taco Bell was closed the girls was on my tip
They said go back the other way we'll stop and eat at Dick's
Dick's is the place where the cool hang out
The swass like to play and the rich flaunt clout
Posse to he burger stand so big we walk in twos
Were gettin dirty looks from those other sucka crews
Kid Sensation dropped a 20 and didn't even miss it
this skeezer from another crew she picked it up and kissed it
Her boyfriend's illin he went to slap her face
My homeboy PLD cold sprayed the boy with mace
Cus I never liked a punk who beat up on his girl
If you don't have game then let her leave your world
We took the girl with us
With him she rode the bus
She gave the boy the finger and the sucka starts to cuss
Boy I got a def posse you got a bunch a dudes
You're broke cold crying about the rock man blues
Ya beat up on your girl and now you're all upset
She's with the Mix A Lot posse on the Broadway set


yeah brother you know what it is the posse's on Broadway
5 fella's and 22 freaks PLB!!!!!! yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Get off my homeboys what is it

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