Der Blutharsch's Psychedelic Farewell

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Austrian apocalyptic-industrial collective Der Blutharsch have just released their follow-up to last year’s The Philosopher’s Stone. The appropriately titled, Flying High!, reaches a peak in the bad-trip psychedelic heights the group began maneuvering towards on 2005’s When Did Wonderland End? (which remains the group’s most accessible album to-date). High’s CD slipcover uncharacteristically features a tongue-in-cheek photo of a presumably hallucinogenic, heart-shaped cake with the album’s title written in blue icing - preemptively answering the question one might ask upon first listen of this disc: “What kind of drugs are these people on?!?”

Der Blutharsch began as a one-man project featuring only Vienna-based Albin Julius just prior to leaving the medieval/ritual duo, The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, in 1999. Over the last decade, Der Blutharsch sojourned through phases of dark-ambient, post-Industrial, martial-industrial, and neo-folk collaborations with Death In June’s Douglas P. before settling into the gloomy apocalyptic-rock the now-expanded-to-a-4 member group plays. Julius has caught a lot of flack over the years for his various aesthetic and stylistic choices, from the Laibach-like controversy caused by critiques over military-related artwork and samples to angering fans over his apparent all-together abandonment of martial-industrial, a genre he is often credited with helping found. Julius, seemingly unfazed by any of this, has delivered one of the strongest albums in his discography. This means the band will end on a “high” note, now that Julius has announced that this will be the last Der Blutharsch album of new material as he plans to retire the name and move on to other projects.

For Flying High!, Julius is again joined by his wife Marthynna, Australian singer/songwriter Bain Wolfkind (who brings his usual Outlaw charm to the LP), and Graumahd’s Jörg B., who have all been mainstay members since Wonderland. The line-up has had the benefit of touring together extensively since 2005, a likely reason that High is the most seamless and cohesive of the band’s “rock n’ roll” triptych. The album opens with a standard Blutharsch pulsating and buzzing dark-ambient track that would not have been completely misplaced on early releases. However, soon enough the new era is heralded in with druggy organ and Eastern guitar flourishes on the album’s (sometimes 10 minute plus!) death-rock dirges and Krautrock-influenced space-outs (Albin's likely been listening to some Guru Guru). The stand-out track amongst the 9 here is the album’s 11-minute centerpiece (as with all Der Blutharsch releases, all songs here are untitled) which features a haunting vocal by Patrick Leagas (Death In June/ Sixth Comm), who gorgeously croons the album’s mantra: “Just You and I/ Flying High…”

A thick, dense, murky and trippy affair, Flying High! possibly establishes yet another Julius-created genre: Psychedelic Death-Rock. Amoeba Music Hollywood has import copies of Flying High! on CD and very LIMITED quantities of the (pricey-but-so-worth-it) GORGEOUS foil-blocked, gatefold, heavy-weight Double LP!

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