Posted by Billyjam, December 21, 2007 07:45am | Post a Comment

It would make sense that as time progresses, use of the language we share would likewise progress. But not so. The opposite, in fact, appears to be the case in our current culture. As time marches on, despite all of the new technologies directly linked to the language, the use (nay, abuse) of simple English, especially in the written form, seems to be regressing at a rapid rate. 

Quiz any English high school teacher on the general current state of students' penmanship, spelling, grammar, etc. and odds are they will squeeze their face into a painful look and tug on their hair as they proceed to launch into a list of the many ills of today's abuse of the English language. And it is the written word, especially the typed or texted word, that tends to be the biggest victim of this current decline of the language.

These days, with typos and overuse of CAPS being the norm in the majority of Emails, IMs, and text messages, it is as if we are all granted a poetic license to type and spell however we feel fit. And of course this is all fine so long as the person on the other end of the two way communication can understand what the hell is been said or written. And this is where the problems and fun begin. In fact, many amused bloggers have dedicated websites to the numerous abuses of the English language.

One of my favorites is one that focuses on the misuse of quotation marks. The blog of unnecessary quotation marks is a fun site to visit to check out sent-in photos of signs that have been printed up with quotation marks used when they did not need to be used such as the "live" reindeer in the poster above. But take a moment to check out the blog of unnecessary quotation marks for many more abuses of the quotation mark and feel free to add to COMMENTS below your pet peeve when it comes to the current abuse of the English language -- be it spelling errors or overused terms like LOL.