Branford Marsalis: Programming, Alto Saxophone, Producer
Jermaine Dupri: Producer, Executive Producer, Mixing, Mixing Engineer, Sequencing, Co-Producer
The Roots: Producer
?uestlove: Drums, Keyboards
Erykah Badu: Credit Not Specified
Mariah Carey: Producer, Vocals
Trey Lorenz: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Additional Vocals, Co-Producer
Coko: Backing Vocals
Ginuwine: Arranger
Kenny Kirkland: Keyboards, Piano
Kevin Eubanks: Guitar Solo
Robert Hurst: Bass
Roy Hargrove: Trumpet
Danny Elfman: Producer
Black Thought: Vocals
D'Angelo: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Emoja: Backing Vocals
Kamal Gray: Keyboards
Kelly Rowland: Backing Vocals
Steve Bartek: Orchestration
The Ummah: Producer
Tichina Arnold: Backing Vocals
Carl-So-Lowe: Instrumentation, Music, Co-Producer
Tony Maserati: Mixing Engineer
Axel Niehaus: Mixing
Benny Medina: Executive Producer
Bob Power: Engineer
Dana Jon Chappelle: Engineer
Herb Powers, Jr.: Engineer
James Poyser: Producer, Keyboards, Piano
Ken "Duro" Ifill: Engineer
Phil Tan: Engineer, Mixing, Sequencing
Rich Travali: Mixing Engineer
Vicki Randle: Percussion
Poke & Tone: Programming, Producer
Michael McCoy: Assistant Engineer
Tony Smalios: Mixing Engineer
Benjamin Wright: Conductor, Arranger
Bernie Grundman: Mastering
Beyoncé Knowles: Vocals
Charlemagne : Producer
Jerome Malcolm: Producer
Ken Ifill: Engineer
Pilar McCurry: Music Supervisor
Chuck Findley: Trumpet
Commissioner Gordon: Mixing, Mixing Engineer
Mark McKenzie: Orchestration
Matt Finders: Trombone
Shawn Murphy: Engineer, Mixing
Ben Arrindell: Engineer
Brian Frye: Engineer
Ellis Taylor: Vocals
Kenyatta Kelo Williams: Producer, Mixing
Leonard Hubbard: Synth Bass
Mike Simpson: Additional Engineer
Richard Nichols: Credit Not Specified
Darryl Jones: Bass
Ann Carli: Executive Producer
Doug Erb: Package Design
Greg Powers: Engineer
Reese Johnson: Producer
Rob "Wacko" Hunter: Engineer, Mixing
Robert Fernandez: Mixing
James Lassiter: Executive Producer
3T: Vocals
Toby Rodriguez: Assistant Engineer
Honey B. Fly: Backing Vocals
Jeff "Tain" Watts: Drums
Patrick Smith: Engineer
Edgardo Simone: Orchestration
Ellen Segal: Digital Editing
LaTavia Robertson: Backing Vocals
LeToya Luckett: Backing Vocals
Cory Rooney: Producer, Keyboards
Melodee Sutton: Music Coordinator
John Shriver: Engineer
Joe Smith: Mixing
Mookie Seigel: Programming, Producer, Mixing, Multi-Instruments, Arranger
Mike Scott: Engineer
Melanie Daniels: Backing Vocals
Tommy Hicks: Assistant Engineer
Ian Shubert: Engineer
Mike Alvord: Engineer