Herbie Hancock: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Thomas Z. Shepard: Producer
Chuck Jackson: Producer, Percussion, Engineer, Vocal Arrangement
Gwen Guthrie: Backing Vocals
Leon Huff: Executive Producer
Michael Henderson: Bass
Phyllis Hyman: Whistle, Backing Vocals
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
Al Cohn: Orchestration
Bill Easley: Saxophone, Clarinet
Bill Summers: Percussion
Bobby Lyle: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Gary Bartz: Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Joe Temperley: Saxophone, Clarinet
Lee Ritenour: Guitar
Mercer Ellington: Director
Norris Turney: Saxophone, Clarinet
Norman Connors: Drums, Congas, Producer, Percussion, Timbales
Onaje Allan Gumbs: Assistant, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano, Arranger
George Bohannon: Horn
Barry Manilow: Producer, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Steve Green: Bass
Harvey Mason: Timpani, Timbales
Skip Scarborough: Producer, Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangement, Arranger
Art Baron: Trombone
Sharon Redd: Backing Vocals
Nathan East: Bass
Barbara Ingram: Backing Vocals
Kenny Gamble: Producer, Engineer, Executive Producer, Arranger
Thom Bell: Conductor, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano, Arranger
Mckinley Jackson: Rhythm Arrangement, Arranger
Sonny Burke: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Mark Johnson: Trombone
Dexter Wansel: Producer, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano, Arranger
Narada Michael Walden: Drums, Producer
Johnny Pate: Horn Arrangement, String Arrangement
James Mtume: Percussion, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tim May: Guitar
Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Wade Marcus: Horn Arrangement, String Arrangement
Bruce Weeden: Engineer
Randy Jackson: Bass
Michael Stanton: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Jim Gilstrap: Backing Vocals
Oren Waters: Backing Vocals
Tasha Thomas: Backing Vocals
Michael Frondelli: Engineer
Bobby Eli: Guitar
Dave Crawford: Horn Arrangement, String Arrangement
David T. Walker: Guitar
Jim Gallagher: Engineer
Larry Alexander: Producer
Paul Fox: Programming, Synthesizer
Randy Cantor: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Scott Edwards: Bass
Terry Burrus: Producer, Arranger
Ron Dante: Producer
Sybil Thomas: Backing Vocals
F. Byron Clark: Engineer
Wayne Wallace: Horn
Adam Silverman: Engineer
Charles Collins: Drums
Arthur Stoppe: Engineer
Don Murray: Engineer
Janet Wright: Backing Vocals
Jay Mark: Engineer
Jerry Peters: Producer, Keyboards, Arranger
John Davis: Producer, Keyboards, Arranger
Joseph M. Palmaccio: Mastering
Louis Russell: Guitar
Don Cody: Engineer
Greg Scott: Saxophone
Johnny Potoker: Engineer
Julia Tillman Waters: Backing Vocals
Larkin Arnold: Executive Producer
Tawatha Agee: Vocal Arrangement, Backing Vocals
Tommy Vicari: Engineer
(Ex) Cat Heads: Percussion
Anthony Jackson: Bass
Charlene Holloway: Backing Vocals
Charles Veal: Conductor
Don Renaldo: Horn, Strings
Ernest Straughter: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
James Gadson: Drums
Larry Washington: Percussion
Marlo Henderson: Guitar
Mike Tarsia: Engineer
Peter Humphreys: Engineer
Randy Bowland: Guitar
Roland Chambers: Guitar, Producer
Steve Roberts: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Bob Babbitt: Bass
Dennis Harris: Guitar
Ed Walsh: Synthesizer, Keyboards
John Barnes: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Leo Sacks: Compilation Producer
Maretha Stewart: Backing Vocals
Maxine Anderson: Backing Vocals
Maxine Waters-Willard: Backing Vocals
Nathan Watts: Bass
Raymond Lee Pounds: Drums
Robert Russell: Bass
Ron Johnson: Engineer
Tony Coleman: Percussion, Rhythm Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement
Jean Carn: Vocal Arrangement, Backing Vocals
Al Martinez: Backing Vocals
Albert Richmond: French Horn
Ann Esther Davis: Backing Vocals
Annette Hardeman: Backing Vocals
Art Webb: Flute
Barry Craig: Engineer
Basil Fearrington: Bass
Bill Neale: Guitar
Billy Harner: Backing Vocals
Bob Winard: Engineer
Brian Castor: Saxophone, Trombone
Britt Woodman: Trombone
Carla Bandini: Engineer
Carla Benson: Backing Vocals
Casey James: Percussion, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Charles Connors: Trombone
Charles Simmons: Percussion
Clayton Riley: Liner Notes
Clifford Rudd: Drums
Corrado Rustici: Guitar
Craig Michaels: Engineer
Craig Snyder: Guitar
Cynthia Biggs: Backing Vocals
Darryl Jackson: Percussion
David A. Young: Saxophone
David Frazier: Engineer
David Sancious: Keyboards
Debra Henry: Backing Vocals
Dominick Fiore: Bass, Tuba, Fender Rhodes
Earl McIntyre: Trombone
Eddie "Bongo" Brown: Percussion
Eddie Watkins: Bass
Edward Moore: Guitar
Evan Solot: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Evette Benton: Backing Vocals
Frank Kejmar: Engineer
Frederick Berry: Horn
George Merrill: Synthesizer, Keyboards
Gerald Chavis: Trumpet
Greg Poree: Guitar
Harold "Geezil" Minerve: Saxophone, Clarinet
Harry Whitaker: Synthesizer, Keyboards
Herb Smith: Guitar
Howard King: Drums
Ian Underwood: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Jack Faith: Saxophone
Jackson Swartz: Engineer
Jerry Schoenbaum: Producer
Jerry Steinholtz: Percussion
Jim Dougherty: Engineer
Joaquin J. Lopes: Engineer
Joe Fusco: Guitar
John Lehman: Backing Vocals
John Longo: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John Nowland: Engineer
John Rowin: Guitar
Joseph B. Jefferson: Backing Vocals
Joseph Smithers: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Kamau Adilifu: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Keith Loving: Guitar
Kelly Kool: Backing Vocals
Kenny Present: Engineer
Krystal Davis: Backing Vocals
Lambchops : Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Leroy Bell: Guitar, Drums, Percussion
Lewis Merenstein: Executive Producer
Linda Randazzo: Engineer
Lloyd Mayers: Piano
Melanie West: Engineer
Melvin Webb: Percussion
Michael Delugg: Engineer
Michael Foreman: Bass
Myra Casales: Percussion
Myrna Matthews: Backing Vocals
Nate Neblett: Drums
Neal Teeman: Engineer
Neil Clarke: Timpani, Congas, Percussion, Timbales
Paul Schaeffer: Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano
Quinton Joseph: Drums
Randy Abrams: Engineer
Reggie Lucas: Guitar, Producer, Backing Vocals
Richard Pratt: Drums
Richard Rome: Keyboards
Rocky White: Percussion
Ronald Zito: Drums
Rudy Stevenson: Guitar, Banjo
Scott MacMinn: Engineer
Sidney Muldrow: French Horn
Skip Drinkwater: Producer, Engineer
The Waters: Backing Vocals
Vincent Prudente: Trombone
Barry Hall: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Carter Jefferson: Saxophone
Davida Johnson: Concertmaster
Dick Berkhe: Horn Arrangement, String Arrangement
Don Alisa: Timpani, Congas, Percussion, Timbales
Ed Shea: Percussion
Jeff Flax: Photography
Jimmy Maeulen: Percussion
Jimmy Santis: Engineer
Joe Sidora: Engineer
John Covertino: Engineer
Lloyd Michaels: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Louise Fili: Design
Nathaniel Nelblett: Drums
Shunzo Ohno: Trumpet
Sid McGinnis: Guitar
Swingin' Strings and Horns: Horn, Strings
Tim Sadler: Engineer
Tonya Hudson: Design
Vel Selvan: Horn
William Whittman: Engineer
Steve Williams: Engineer
David Young: Clarinet