David Campbell: Choir Arrangement, Conductor, String Arrangement, Background Vocal Arrangement
Color Me Badd: Guest Appearance
Ronnie Cuber: Baritone Saxophone
Clint Black: Harmonica
Mac McAnally: Acoustic Guitar
Trisha Yearwood: Backing Vocals
Everette Harp: Saxophone
Michael Brecker: Tenor Saxophone
Ray Charles: Piano, Vocals
Randy Waldman: Keyboards
Chris Rodriguez: Backing Vocals
Billy Joel: Harmonica, Clavinet, Producer, Percussion, Hammond B3 Organ, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Piano, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Fender Rhodes
Peter Asher: Producer, Mixing, Percussion Sequencing
Rob Mounsey: Orchestration
Willie Weeks: Drums
Will Lee: Bass
Will Downing: Choir
Donna McElroy: Backing Vocals
Alex Brown: Backing Vocals
Randy Jackson: Bass
Arif Mardin: Orchestral Arrangement
Marlon Saunders: Choir, Backing Vocals
Jeff Bova: Additional Keyboards
Pattie Darcy: Backing Vocals
Dan Borris: Cover Photo
Andy "Funky Drummer" Kravitz: Percussion
Danny Kortchmar: Guitar, Producer
Dean Parks: Guitar
Dennis Collins: Choir
Joe Lynn Turner: Backing Vocals
Paul Litteral: Horns
Phil Ramone: Producer
Philip Nowlan: Guitar
Tom Lord-Alge: Mixing
Vinnie Colaiuta: Drums
Zachary Alford: Drums
Ira Newborn: Orchestration
World Famous Incognito Violinist: Fiddle
Members Of The Hicksville High School Chorus: Backing Vocals
Katreese Barnes: Choir
Danny Kadar: Recording Assistant
Dirk Grobelny: Remix Assistant, Additional Recording
Phil Nicolo: Engineer, Mixing, Remix Engineer, Additional Recording
Steve Boyer: Associate Engineer
Steve Nathan: Organ
Ted Jensen: Mastering
Yvonne Hodges: Backing Vocals
Doug Michael: Recording Assistant
John Mahoney: Keyboard Programming, Keyboards
Chuck Treece: Bass
Jason Goldstein: Recording Assistant
Stephanie James: Choir
Tony Brown: Producer
Bill Schnee: Mixing
Gary Solomon: Assistant Engineer
Jeff Jacobs: Additional Programming
Jim Horn: Horns, Horn Arrangement
Joe Nicolo: Additional Production, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion Sequencing, Co-Producer
John Hendrickson: Assistant Engineer
Mark Rivera: Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Mike Tyler: Guitar
Neil Stubenhaus: Bass
Patrick Williams: Arranger
Robbie Kondor: Keyboards
Sammy Merendino: Electronic Percussion
Tommy Byrnes: Guitar
Brian Garten: Recording Assistant
David Rosenthal: Keyboards
Jim Hoke: Horns
Paul Franklin: Pedal Steel
T.M. Stevens: Bass
Brenda White-King: Choir
Charles Rose: Horns
Chuck Arnold: Backing Vocals, Choir Leader
Dann Huff: Guitar
Ed Cherney: Additional Recording
Ivy Skoff: Project Coordinator
Jim Boyer: Engineer, Mixing
Jim DeMain: Assistant Engineer
Matt Rollings: Piano
Mel Jones: Recording Assistant
Nathaniel Kunkel: Additional Recording
Bob Bailey: Backing Vocals
Bob Mann: Guitar
Bradshaw Leigh: Additional Engineer
B. David Whitworth: Backing Vocals
Diane Garisto: Choir
Frank Floyd: Choir, Backing Vocals
Fred Tenny: Associate Engineer
Gary Tole: Recording
George Massenburg: Recording
Ian Cuttler: Art Direction
Jackie Gouche: Backing Vocals
Jay Healy: Engineer, Mixing
Joe Shepley: Trumpet
John Gatchell: Trumpet
Kim Fleming: Backing Vocals
Luis Quine: Recording Assistant
Mona Lisa Young: Backing Vocals
Niko Bolas: Engineer, Recording
Phillip Ballou: Choir
Scott James: Assistant Engineer
Steve Lindsey: Producer, Horn Arrangement
Tim Crich: Assistant Engineer
Veronica McHugh: A & R Coordination
David Dorn: Assistant Engineer
Robert Charles: Assistant Engineer
Schuyler Deale: Bass
Anton Fig: Snare Drum
Crystal Taliefero: Percussion, Backing Vocals, Background Vocal Arrangement
Ian Lloyd: Backing Vocals
Justin Neibank: Recording
Don DeVito: A & R, Producer
Charlie Paakkari: Recording Assistant
Devora Johnson: Choir
Lonnie Hillyer: Bass
David Dickson: Associate Engineer
Doug Stegmeyer: Bass
Jeff Schock: Credit Not Specified
Len Irish: Photography
Liberty DeVitto: Drums, Percussion
Russell Javors: Guitar
David Brown: Guitar
Dana Becker: Assistant Engineer
Suzanne Hollander: Assistant Engineer
Bill Zampino: Choir Arrangement
Doug Kleeger: Sound Effects
Joey Hunting: Guitar
Wrecia Ford: Backing Vocals
Mick Jones: Producer, Backing Vocals
Dominic Cortese: Accordion
Leanne Unger: Additional Recording
Mike Allaire: Assistant Engineer
Kevin Jones: Keyboard Programming
Sean Pelton: Drums
Joe Pirerra: Assistant Engineer
Curtis King, Jr.: Choir Conductor, Choir Contractor
Corliss Stafford: Choir
Jeff Lee Johnson: Bass
Marsy Robinson: A & R Coordination
Thomas V. Byrnes: Guitar
Chris Austopchuk: Art Direction